{A Friday night visit to the ER}

Friday night, we went to an early dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, then headed home.  Meg was fine at dinner, but after we got home, she started to complain that her stomach was hurting. 

Sometimes Meg will use this as an excuse.  Most of the time, I’m able to call her on her bluff, but Friday night was different.  She kept complaining.  About 7pm, she started crying and was doubling over in pain.

I put her in the bath thinking that the warm water would help her stomach, but it didn’t help at all.  By now, Meg was screaming in pain.  After I got her out of the tub, I got her to lay on the couch with me.  This only lasted for about 10 minutes before the agonizing pain started again.

I decided that enough was enough and loaded her into the car to take her to the ER.  She was in such pain, that she wasn’t even able to sit down in the car on the ride over there.  She just stood in the back. 

By the time we got to the hospital, she was crying horribly.  They were able to get us right in.  Meg was admitted and the questions started.  She wasn’t running a fever and hadn’t been sick, but was in terrible pain. 

When she was walking thru the hallways of the hospital, she was gripping her right side.  Of course, I thought it had to be her appendix. 

Thankfully, while she was in x-ray, she threw up and immediately started feeling better.  Blood tests and urine tests all came back normal.  As it turns out, she just had a huge gas bubble in her tummy that was causing her so much pain. 

***Meg right when we got check into the room***Hospital 2

***Meg after x-ray***Hospital

{Stop growing already}

Every day, I just want to stop time.  I want to remember the innocence of Meg’s childhood.  She’s growing up so fast that there are days I hardly even recognize the beautiful little girl she’s turning into. 


***She’s getting so big***IMG_6802

***chewing on her lip***IMG_6805 IMG_6818

***I love this picture***IMG_6833

***and especially this one***IMG_6831


{All in a row}

A few weeks ago, Meg lined up all her rubber ducks on the edge of the bath tub.  She told me which ducks were mommy ducks, daddy ducks, daughter ducks and cousin ducks.  It was so funny.  She even made little families out of the ducks. 

After duck time was over, she started knocking them into the bath one at a time.  As hard as it can be to get this little girl into the bath some nights, she sure does have fun while she’s in there. 






{The blue ball}

Meg loves our exercise ball.  Every day, she spends all night rolling back and forth thru the living room onto the couch.  She started doing this a few months ago and hasn’t grown sick of it.  At first, she would just roll a few inches, not any more.  Now, she rolls the ball back about 8 feet from the couch, gives the ball a push, then runs & lays out on the ball until she ends up on the couch. 

Hours and hours of entertainment.  Who knew that an exercise ball could be so much fun for a five year old! 

IMG_6690 IMG_6697 IMG_6702 IMG_6703


{Girl's Weekend}

Last weekend, I headed out to PK for some much needed r-n-r with a few of my girlfriends (Suzanne, Stacy & Niki).  We all were in need of a weekend off from motherly/wifely duties.  This is the same group that went to Houston almost 10 years ago for Suzanne’s bachelorette party. 

While I can say some things have changed (we weren’t out clubbing or riding around in limos all weekend), we definitely still had a blast. 

We drove out on Friday night and before we left, I had Jarrad snap a picture of the four of us.  We were all so excited, we could hardly wait.  We loaded up into the car and headed out West to PK.  IMG_6770


After we arrived and got everything out of the car, the real fun began.  We cranked up the tunes, started drinking beer, danced around like we were teenagers at a sleep over, then played a few games before we finally gave in to sleepiness and headed to bed around 3:00. 

The next morning, we woke up to rain beating on the a/c unit in the bedroom and couldn’t stay asleep any longer.  We got up, went out to the porch, but quickly retreated back into the house because it was too cold.

We made mimosas and started a few movies.  We were all so excited to be able to watch a movie from beginning to end without having to fill up someone’s milk or help someone pick out some jammies or make sandwiches, etc. 

We had some lunch, played a few games, had a few beers, then retreated back to the couches for some more movies.  Suz crashed out on the couch (with her beer in hand).  We decided to just let her sleep since Colton gets up every morning around 5:00am.  She took a six hour nap :)



IMG_6775 On Sunday morning, we had to pack everything up and head home.  We were all so sad to be leaving, but hope to get back out there this summer so we can float around in the lake :) 


{Ice Skating}

While Meg and I were in San Antonio, we met the Middletons to go ice skating.  

I’ve never seen so many children crying AND laughing at the same time.  Meg did a little crying and a lot of laughing. 

Meg was either holding on to the ledge or gripping on to me.  We had a few falls…actually, Meg probably spent more time sitting on the ice than actually skating on it.  I escaped with only falling down once, when Meg pulled me down.  Every time Meg fell down, she would look up at me and tell me what I had done wrong to make her fall. 

Overall, it was a good experience and Meg wants to try to go again.  


San Antonio visit

Megan had a four day weekend, so we loaded up the car and headed to SA.  We drove down on Thursday night after work and school.  It rained on us the whole way.  I was so glad when we finally got there. 


We always have such a great time when we’re there.  We visited with meme and poppy when we got there.

***Poppy & Rachael***IMG_6472 

Friday, Taylor had taken the day off to go to the deer lease, but since the weather was so horrible, he cancelled his trip.  It worked out great because we got to hang out with him and Luke. 


Luke is crawling everywhere and definitely starting to “get into” things.  Meme and Poppy had to break out some of the childproofing stuff, so Luke couldn’t get into anything. 

***Luke Wray Jordan***IMG_6492 IMG_6493 

Meg loved playing with Luke.  She wants so bad to pick him up and carry him everywhere…but, seeing as he weighs half her weight, it’s pretty tough. 

***Meg holding Luke***IMG_6549 

On Saturday, Meg and I had plans to meet the Middletons for some ice skating (more to come on that).  Before we met them, we ran a few errands with Meme and Poppy. 


Meg wanted a snack, so we went to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream.  Megan chose cotton candy with no mix-in.  IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6580

***Meg in all her stickiness & beautiful Meme***IMG_6581


On Sunday, we went to church with Meme and Poppy, watched the horrible Cowboy game, and then Taylor, Ruth, Luke, Kyle & Sheryl all came over for dinner to celebrate Meme’s birthday. 


All day, Meg carried or pushed her babies with her everywhere.  IMG_6592     IMG_6622

On Monday, we headed home.  We were both sad to be leaving SA, but happy to be heading home to see Jarrad.  Being gone for 4 days is hard sometimes. 



Decor for the guest room

The guest room is coming together rather quickly.  Friday, I did some shopping for lamps and went out looking for some wall decor.  I was able to find a floor lamp and table lamp at Lowe’s.  I’m not excited about the shades, but love how the lamps look with the bed.  Now, I just have to find new shades. 

I couldn’t find any “art” that I liked, so I headed up to Michael’s and found some scrapbook paper and frames that I liked.  With a little help from Megan and my cricut machine, I was able to put together a few pieces of “art”.  I’m super excited with how it turned out. 

***Live, Laugh, Love***
***on the wall***IMG_6344


Babies, babies, babies

Meg has been completely obsessed with babies in the past few months.  It’s super adorable to watch her with all her “babies”. 

Sunday night, I was cleaning out the guest room closet and came across two storage bins full of baby bottles.   I was actually packing them up to give to a girlfriend who is pregnant, but Meg asked if she could have a few.  I didn’t see the harm, so I gave her four (one for each baby). 

She was so excited that she fed one of her babies right away.  About 15 minutes later, I found her in the butler pantry, sitting on her stool, feeding the baby again.  When I asked her how she was doing she said to me “This baby is so hungry – she just keeps eating and eating and eating.” 
This was such a precious moment that I had to grab my camera.  I love how she is concentrating on feeding her baby.  She is so tender and loving while caring for her baby.




Colton’s new puppy

Suzanne has been talking about getting Colton a puppy for a while.  Last week, she was nosing around on Craig’s List and found the perfect addition to their family. 

Meet Bailee…Colton’s new puppy.  After Suzanne picked Bailee up, she stopped by the house for a brief visit to introduce us to the new puppy.  Bailee is so adorable. 

***Megan & Bailee***IMG_6308 

***Colton & Bailee***IMG_6312



New guest room

Over Christmas, Jarrad and I made the decision to make Meg’s play room into a guest room.  Meg had entirely too much stuff and we were ready for the “nursery” to be useful instead of a catch all for Meg’s overflow. 
So, we got out the trash bags and started making sacks of stuff to either 1) keep, 2) pitch or 3) give.  Meg was so great during the whole process.  She didn’t give us any trouble as we slowly moved every last thing out of her play room to make room for the new guest room furniture. 
I’m still in the process of decorating…I need lamps, wall decor, candles, etc.  But, I love how it’s turned out  so far and can’t wait for our first overnight guests.


Looking back at 2009

We had an amazing 2009!!! Here's to hoping that 2010 is just as good.

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