Tulips & Tutus

This weekend, I took Megan to see Miss Teresa at Teresa Berg photography. She was doing a theme photo shoot called Tulips & Tutus. Here is a preview of what the pictures looked like. Teresa is an amazing photographer and has been taking our pictures since Jarrad and I got engaged. We love her work and wouldn't dream of using another photographer. Please visit her website if you'd like to see more of her work. http://www.teresaberg.com/


Happy Easter!

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Decorating Easter Eggs

Meg decorated Easter Eggs on Saturday afternoon. She actually didn't want to do much decorating. She only wanted them dyed. So, most of the eggs are just solid in color. She still had fun "decorating" them. She also used the egg "dippers" as glasses (as seen in the picture above). She's so goofy!

Earlier in the day, I took her to see Horton Hears a Who. She loved the movie. After the movie, she was upset because we couldn't watch it at home. I tried to explain to her that it's only available in the theater right now, but she's 3, so I don't think she understands.




What was she thinking?

Two nights ago, Meg walked out of the master bedroom looking like this…

She had been in our room watching 101 Dalmatians and coloring with markers. Then, the idea struck her that a marker would be good lipstick. What a goofy girl! So, I laughed (and of course, got my camera out to snap a few pictures) and then took her to the bathroom to wash off her face. It was there that I discovered that she had also colored all over her tummy. It was so sweet and innocent that I couldn't even be mad at her. She sure keeps me entertained.


My little artist

We had a beautiful day on Saturday. Meg and I played in the driveway with some sidewalk chalk and paint. We both had so much fun. We drew circles, hearts, squares and a few other "things". She had so much fun. I even made her lay down and I traced around her. She thought that was so much fun.

I'm looking forward to the weather staying warm! It was close to 80 on Saturday, then we got snow (yes, we got snow) on Monday night. Today, it was back up to 65. The saying goes...
"if you don't like the weather in Texas, hang around...it will change" After the last few days, those words couldn't be more true

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