Ponder Panther

I picked Meg up a few days ago and she was so excited to show me her Ponder Panther.  She won this for her sales for Jump Rope for Heart.  She was so proud of herself.  She told me that her name was called over the morning announcements and Mrs. Kelly sent her to the office to collect her prize. 

I’m so proud of her!   IMG_7340 IMG_7346 IMG_7348 IMG_7365


Quad Play Date

Last Saturday we had a play date with Meg’s friends from swimming.  It’s been a struggle for us to get a good picture of all four of these kiddos.  Here is the best  yet! 


You Capture: Shapes





Stop already!

When we woke up this morning, this was what we saw!  IMG_7477
I live in Texas.IMG_7460
It’s snowed six times this winter!  IMG_7461
It usually only sleets and ices!      IMG_7464
I’m so over the winter!  IMG_7465
I can’t wait for spring!

Finally, her room is almost complete

I know, I know…we’ve been here for four years and I’m still decorating Meg’s room.  Meg’s room has been the hardest for me to decorate.  I wanted something that was cute and girlie, but not to baby-ish.  If that makes any sense. 
While Meg and I were at Target this week, I saw these adorable wall decals and was in love with them.  I played it cool and causally showed them to Meg (she never likes anything that I love, so I have to hide my excitement from her).  She loved them and asked if she could have them for her room.  Inside, I was jumping up and down with excitement.  I had won and she didn’t even know.
We got home, did a few things around the house, then headed into her room to apply the decals to her wall.  At first, we put them right above her bedrail, but after I put the pillows on there, you couldn’t see the cute little trees, so we decided to move them up level with the pillows. 

I really, really, really love the way it turned out :)    IMG_7419 IMG_7426
I think she loves it too.  IMG_7432

It’s finally over

We’ve finally taken the last dose of medicine for Meg’s ear infection.  Every dose was a challenge to get down.  20 doses in 10 days was not fun. 

I just don’t understand why someone can’t make medicine taste good.  I mean someone invented baby shampoo that won’t sting, why not medicine that tastes like cupcakes? 

Hmmmm….maybe I’m on to something.  (If only I didn’t hate science). 

These pictures pretty much show you the struggle every time.  I would measure it out, she would tell me she needed water.  I would get her water, she would ask me to count to a random number (13, 29, 40, etc.).  I would count to the random number, she would have to go to the bathroom.  Finally, I would lose all patience and give her my “you have two choices speech.” 

Which goes like this:

Mommy:  Meg, you have two choices.  They may not be choices you like, but you do have a choice.  You can take your medicine like a big girl, or I can hold you down and pour it down your throat.

Meg:  I’ll take it like a big girl.

I love my “two choices” way of forcing Megan to make a decision.  It works every time.  I’ve even heard her telling her imaginary puppy the “two choices” speech. 





Getting to know you Sunday

1. How often do you wash/change your sheets? I try to do it once a week.  I love, love, love the feel of clean sheets :)

2. When is your birthday?  April 2, 1977

3. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life?  No.

4. Brad Pitt or George Clooney?  Brad Pitt before Angelina Jolie.  She made him less attractive to me!

5. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?  My tummy - no matter what size I've been, I've always had a "pooch".

6. How often do you wash your hair?  Every day.  Sometimes twice a day now that I'm working out.

7. Do you have pets?  Yes, two dogs - Dixie, a yellow Lab & Gunner, a weimeraner - and a Goldfish named Boompaw.

8. How many social networks do you belong to..if you had to give up one, what would it be?  3...Blogger, Facebook and Myspace.  I could easily give up Myspace since I don't use it much any more. 


Love Note

Meg got her first love note (and a dollar bill)  from a little boy at her school. 

The boy? 

Adam Ables.

according to Meg...

“Adam is HOT”

Not much else I can say to top that. 

My 5-year old thinks a little boy at her school is HOT. 

IMG_7368 IMG_7367


Making Valentines & school V-day party

  IMG_7110 copy


Megan picked out Puppy & Kitten Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates this year.  She was so excited about them because they had tattoos that came with them. 

IMG_7111 copyShe told me that all of her classmates would love them because they were for boys & girls.  Meg makes me so happy when she thinks about the “group” as a whole.  Meg has a heart of gold and always thinks about other people. 

IMG_7112 copy

She has grown up so much this year.  Once a child who could be selfish and bratty, she is now a very selfless child. 


IMG_7114 copy Meg and I sat down one afternoon after school so she could start working on her Valentine’s Day cards.  As she was signing all of them, she decided to also add a heart.  So sweet



IMG_7115 copy 

Because of the snow day, Meg’s school party was postponed to Tuesday after Valentine’s Day.  Megan was so worried that there wasn’t going to be a party.  After I told her it would just be rescheduled, she seemed ok with it.  The postponement of the party actually worked to our advantage since Meg was sick on Friday.  She would have had to miss the party if it weren’t for the snow day.  Funny how things work out sometimes. 


The school party was a huge success.  All the children had a great time giving out their Valentine’s day cards to all of their classmates.  I’m so thankful that I’m the room mom.  I love to watch Meg interact with her classmates.  She’s as goofy as ever, but doing really well in school.  IMG_7282 

I decided to take her home with me after the party.  The only thing she would miss was free choice time, so I didn’t see the harm.  Plus, she couldn’t WAIT to get home to look thru all of her Valentine’s that she received from her classmates. 





Top Kinder Hero

Meg did a fund raiser for Jump Rope for Heart a few weeks ago.  Meg asked her grandparents and aunts & uncles for donations.  She raised $235 and was the top fund raiser in Kindergarten and in the whole school.  She was so proud of herself. 

***Way to go Meg***IMG_6983
IMG_7010  IMG_7007


What is this?

Dixie & Gunner were unsure about the snow.    Dixie just went outside, took care of business and made a bee line back to the door.  Gunner on the other hand took a while to get off the porch, once he finally did, he wasn’t sure what was going on.  Gunner is so skinny that i didn’t want him outside too long – I don’t need him burning any extra calories. 

After Gunner figured that the snow wasn’t going to hurt him, he was running thru it and having a blast. 

IMG_7172 copy

IMG_7174 copy IMG_1188 copy IMG_1190 copy IMG_1191 copy


Meme & Poppy Visit

The weekend of the Big Snow, my parents came in for a visit.  Even though we were limited on the things we could do because of the snow and Meg was sick, we still had a great time with them.

Meme drove up on Thursday afternoon.  Poppy was scheduled to travel to St. Louis that afternoon, but didn’t make it because his flight was routed thru Dallas Love Field.  After a very long day of travel for Poppy, he finally made it to our house around 11:00 on Thursday night. 

Gunner is in LOVE with anyone who will let him snuggle up close.  He definitely loved having Meme and Poppy here, because they won’t kick him off their laps. 

IMG_7239 IMG_7201

Meme and Poppy stayed thru until Monday since Meg had a school holiday.  It was a wonderful visit, but seemed too short (as usual).  We did dinner at the house a few nights, ordered a Mama’s Pizza and made it to Outback. 

By Saturday, we all had cabin fever, which worked out well because we needed to drive to Love Field to get Poppy’s bag.  It seems that Poppy’s bag made the trip from Austin all the way to St. Louis, even though his flight was cancelled and he wasn’t rebooked on another flight.  Thankfully, we were able to get his bag back on Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday was pretty low key.  The boys went to the gun show in Ft. Worth, and Meg, Meme & I went shopping.  That night, Hailey spent the night with us.  I like to refer to Meg & Hailey as Best Frenemies.  Those to have to funniest relationship.  It’s always something. 

IMG_7226 copy Monday morning, we were sad to see Meme and Poppy go, but grateful that they were able to spend 5 snow filled days with us. 


Still snowing!

It snowed all day on Thursday.  Thankfully there wasn’t any ice along with it.  My mom was driving in from San Antonio, so was on the road with all the snow.  My dad was supposed to go to St. Louis, but it was cancelled because of the snow.  Lucky for me, I’m an executive assistant so I knew exactly who to call to get him from Love Field to my house in Mansfield.  He arrived on Thursday night late, with out his bags (that’s a whole other story). 

On Friday morning when we woke up, it was still snowing.  Meg had been up most of the night feeling like poo, so I made the decision to try to get her into the doctor’s office.  That morning, I called her pediatrician's office to schedule an appointment, only to get a message that they were closed for the morning and would hopefully open up that afternoon. 

I had a feeling that Meg had strep.  She’s hadIMG_7169 copy it so many times in the past year that I figured my diagnosis was as good as any.  But I still decided to take her up to Urgent Care.  I was shocked that Meg didn’t have strep, just pharyngitis and an ear infection. 

  IMG_1186 copy

We filled her prescription, killed a little time by having a quick lunch, picked up her prescription, then headed home.  As soon as we got home, she asked me to start her a movie, make her a nest and get her some orange juice.  I started her movie and within 10 minutes, she was sleeping. 

Thankfully, after we got a few doses of antibiotics in her, she was back to her normal self. 

IMG_7180 copy

Poppy decided to measure the snow fall that we had in our backyard.  We got 8.5 inches.  It was so beautiful!  IMG_1181 copy IMG_1184 copy 

I love how quiet the snow made everything.  And the nights were so beautiful.  IMG_1185 copy      IMG_1196 copy IMG_1198 copy     

I was sad when it all started melting away, but am so glad that we had a few days with a record breaking snow :) 

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