Last night, there was a "Math & Literacy night" at Megan's school. I wasn't really sure what it was, but we all went up there anyway.

While we were walking into the school, Meg was carrying her purse. I mentioned to her that I wasn't going to carry her purse for her if she got tired of carrying it. She decided she should put it back in her car.

As she was running back to my car, she got tripped up and went heels over head (yes, she did an endo). I went running when it happened because she had a lollipop in her mouth and I was horrified that she had hit face on the ground. As I was running, she turned around with huge tears in her eyes and she was screaming and crying (the lollipop fell out of her mouth). As my eyes scanned over her body, I couldn't help be to notice her bloody knees. She hit hard!

Thankfully, Meg had band aids in her purse (a little ironic, I know). Daddy grabbed me two band aid out of her purse, and we walked into the school to go to the bathroom to wipe them off a little before putting on the band aids. Before we went inside, I had to pull my camera out to snap a picture.

***scraped up knees***After we finally got her calmed down, we went into the cafeteria for cookies and nachos. At first, Meg wanted neither...she was still a little upset about falling in the parking lot. As more and more people started filling up the cafeteria, she started coming back to life.
She saw one of her classmates and slowly limped her way over to sit with Carson for a few minutes. I grabbed Jarrad and I a drink and nachos to share. And, of course, I got Meg a cookie. Nothing fixes boo-boos like a chocolate chip cookie.
When Meg finally came back over to the table, she was doing much better, but still limping and still a little sad. When I presented her with a cookie, she temporarily forgot all about her knees hurting.
Jarrad and Meg were sitting across the table from me and started telling secrets. Jarrad was telling Meg how clumsy I am and that when I was younger I used to trip over "nothing". I would just fall down for no reason. This is a very true statement and I'm glad it made Meg smile.
***Meg giggling at me after daddy revealed the "big secret"***

***daddy telling more secrets***

After we left the cafeteria, we headed down to Meg's classroom for the "Math & Lit night". There were two kindergarten rooms open (one for math and one for lit). We went into Meg's classroom for the Math portion and next door for the Lit portion.
We learned a lot of little things we can work on with Megan at the house and were given lots of hand outs to take home with us. Meg's excited about all the new "games" we can play.
***Meg looking up at her daddy***


A Double Birthday Party

Meg was invited to Avery's and Addison's double birthday party last weekend. Their party was at a place in Cleburne called Jump-n-Apes. It's an inflatable bounce house party place. Meg had a wonderful time. She loves bounce houses and has NO fear. As soon as we walked in, she took her shoes off and was gone. This is the only place that I don't have to fight her about wearing socks.

She was in and out of every bounce house in the place. I didn't get many good pictures because the place was painted green like a jungle, so everything had a green tint to it.

The kids had a great time and were super sad when it was time to go.

***Tanner & Meg******Meg trying to help Tanner. The last step was a little too tall for her to get up there***

***Meg going down the huge slide***

***Meg giving Colton and extra boost to help him up to the top***

***I love Colton's hair in the picture***

***I love to see her this happy***

***Tanner was getting a little tired***

***if only Tanner hadn't moved***

***begging Suzanne for something***

***waiting for cupcakes (which she didn't even want to eat)***


Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, Meg and I went with the Sorensons to a pumpkin patch in Arlington. The weather was beautiful and it was so busy. Suzanne and the kids met Meg and me over at the house around 11:00. After we got the kids loaded into my car, we were off to the pumpkin patch.

I love pumpkin patches...the fall colors, the kids all dressed up in their Halloween themed clothes, the parents all forcing them to take pictures, the kids fighting every minute of it. It's all so sweet.

***Tanner, Suzanne & Colton***

***L O V E this picture***

***Sitting pretty***

***It was a little windy***


***Little Miss Tanner***

***Tanner & Megan sitting pretty***

***Handsome Colton***

***I love this picture***

***ahhhh, how sweet***

****such a goof ball***
***Tanner decided she needed a break from all the running around and picture taking***

***Pumpkins for sale***

***pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere***

***she wouldn't pose with me, but she would give me a kiss...I'll take what I can get***

***...and, I had to repay the kisses***

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to Cleburne for Avery's & Addison's birthday parties...details in another post.

Ponder & Children's Courtyard Fall Festivals

Last Friday, Meg's school was hosting a Fall Festival at the school. Earlier in the week, I had extended an invitation to Hailey & Jessica...unfortunately, Jessica's school was having their Fall Festival, so she wasn't able to come. I asked her if she would let us take Hailey...she said of course.

So, after school on Friday, Meg and I went over to Hailey's day care to pick her up. We came back to the house, had a quick bite for dinner, then got ready for the party.

Last year, one of the little girls in our neighborhood was a vampire and Meg has wanted to dress up as a vampire since then. I thought for sure that she would forget over the year, but she didn't. She knew what she wanted to be and that was that.

So, we bought the costume and the make up. Surprisingly enough, Meg sat very still when I was applying her make up. With every stage I finished, she would check her make up in the mirror. Her excitement was so adorable!

Hailey was Hannah Montana, so I put a little bit of eye shadow on her. After applying the make up, it was time to get into costumes. Since Meg went first with make up, Hailey had to be first with the costume. After Hailey was all dressed up, Meg got into her costume and we were off...

A little side note, these two girls are so funny with each other. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is a competition. Who can get into the car first, who can sit in their car seats first, who gets to hold which stuffed animal, who gets their food first....the list goes on and on and on. It's very adorable, but sometimes they get upset with each other. Jessica and I both tell them the same thing "Work it out yourselves". They always seem to work it out. I hope that they will always have this relationship.

As we were heading out, I had to snap a few pictures. The pictures didn't turn out very well, but the girls were still cute!!!

***Princess Vampire & Hannah Montana***

***Sweet Hailey***

***Meg - the Princess Vampire***

***the cake walk at Meg's festival***

***I loved how she was concentrating so hard on the tiles***

***Hailey too, in the background***

After Meg's school's festival, we headed over to Jessica's Day Care Center for her Fall Festival. We had a little time in between festivals, so Hailey, Meg & I went to the house first to get them changed out of their costumes. I didn't want to run the risk of the girls tearing or ruining their costumes.
While we were there, we were able to get the girls a tattoo, eat some cotton candy, play a few games, have some real dinner, a few sodas and bounce in a bounce house.
***Hailey & Meg***

***I love these goofy girls***

***Silly Hailey***

***Crazy Megan***

***Beautiful, sweet angels***
We had a great night!!!


Dinner with Boompaw & Nawnaw

Last Wednesday, Luke & Patty came over for dinner. Jarrad had just gotten all of his deer meat and hog meat back from the processor...there was no way we were going to be able to eat all of it, so we asked Luke if he would like some.

So, Patty & I planned a night that we could get together at the house for dinner. Meg was so excited to see Boompaw. I don't think she had seen him since his and Jarrad's birthday dinner at Babe's.

Nawnaw (in true Nawnaw fashion), came in with her hands full of "stuff" for Meg. She gave her a small little orange sack full of erasers for Halloween and brought her a few cookies to decorate for Halloween too.

While the boys were outside cooking our dinner, the girls stayed inside to decorate Halloween cookies and visit. The boys came inside to get out of the rain and cold for a short break and Boompaw was admiring the cookies. Meg told him he cold have one after dinner.

***Meg concentrating on decorating cookies***

***Meg, Boompaw, Nawnaw***

***cookies in progress***

After dinner, Meg read us Marley & Me (she can't actually read, but she had the book memorized). After the reading, Boompaw was finally able to have his cookie.

Texas State Fair & Mary Poppins

On Sunday, October 18, Meg and I met Nawnaw at the Texas State Fair for a girls' day out. Nawnaw bought the three of us tickets to go see Mary Poppins at Dallas Summer Musicals back in May. I never thought the day would come that we would actually be able to go to the show.

The show started at 1:30, so we met at the fair around 10:30...just in time for a corn dog and diet coke. We sat down at the Old Mill patio to eat our early lunch. Meg just had to have her picture taken with the giant ice cream stand.

***Meg posing with the ice cream stand***
After our quick bite to eat, we headed towards the midway for some fun before the show started. Our first stop, the swan paddle boats :) Nawnaw told Meg and I to go ahead without her...but she quickly changed her mind and was right behind us in another swan.
***Beautiful Meg in the swan***

***Nawnaw in her swan. She wants to get two of the swans for the pond at the house.***

After the swan, we rode the giant Ferris Wheel. It was my first time on the Ferris Wheel and I was so excited. We only waited in line for about 15 minutes, which I thought wasn't too bad considering it was the last day of the fair and the line was pretty long.
***Nawnaw, Meg & I on the Ferris Wheel***

After the Ferris Wheel ride, we had to start heading back towards DSM for Mary Poppins. On our way back, we stopped so Meg could stand in the cave with the waterfall background.
***My sweet angel***

And, of course, we had to get the flower head picture :)
***Meg and Nawnaw, such pretty flowers***

We timed everything perfect. We got to Mary Poppins with about 5 minutes to show time. The show was AMAZING, absolutely AMAZING. It started at 1:30 and we walked out around 4:15. I couldn't believe the show had been that long (of course, there was a short intermission). Meg was engaged throughout the entire show and never once wanted to leave or get up. At the very end of the show, Mary Poppins actually "flew" out over the crowd.

Nawnaw, thank you so much for everything you did for us to make our girls day out perfect!

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