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I'm not sure what happens to Meg's smile when she takes her school pictures. Usually, Meg has the most beautiful smile - so natural.  But, when forced to smile, we end up with the following results.  Meg had another set of school pictures taken last week - I hope they turn out better :) 

***Meg's First Kindergarten Portrait***

***Portraits from pre-K***

The Girl Creative


You Capture {Spring}



Wordless Wednesday

Four Generations

Family Visit_13


I Heart Faces - Smiles

This weeks photo challenge contest is callled "Smiles"!! These contests are for beginners, amateurs and professional photographers! Stop by and check the other super cute entries and give it a go yourself at i heart faces!


Meg learned to whistle


….and, of course, some other random things :)



Megan’s story about dinner…

and some other random thoughts!  She’s so goofy!

{{Happy Anniversary}}

I can’t believe it’s already been seven years!  Happy Anniversary.  Seven years ago, Jarrad and I said “I do” in front of our friends and family. 

***Our Wedding Night***158

We’ve had our ups and downs, but I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else.  

Tonight, Jarrad took Megan and me to dinner at the new Hibachi grill in Mansfield.  We had a great dinner.  I loved spending my anniversary with my two favorite people :) 




*** Megan ordered the lobster.  She didn’t like it, but she did take three bites of it.***IMG_2020

***Our beautiful Megan***IMG_2022

Mommy & Me Monday


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Short Trip

Last week, Megan and I headed down to San Antonio for my cousin’s wedding shower.  I still can’t believe Stephanie is getting married!  The shower was beautiful.  The hostesses didn’t leave out any details!

Mom, Sheryl, Ruth and I headed out to the shower together.  It was about an hour from my parents house, so we decided to carpool instead of taking a bunch of different cars. 

   ***Beautiful sisters!  Aunt Lanie (mother-of-the-bride) and Mom***Steph Shower_004***Stephanie opening a few of the gifts*** Steph Shower_087Steph Shower_159


***The Beautiful Bride-to-be.  My sweet Stephanie***Steph Shower_103


After the shower, we headed back to the house for a small get together with Taylor, Ruth, Luke, Sheryl and the Middletons.  We laughed and giggled all night. 

I can’t believe how big Luke is getting.  He’s so adorable and a good baby.  He has decided that he doesn’t like the word “NO”.  It’s funny to watch, and I can remember those days with Megan. 

  ***Adorable little man***San Antonio_043San Antonio_053

Meg and I headed back to Mansfield on Sunday morning.  On our way home, we stopped to take a few pictures in the Bluebonnets.  They were beautiful!

Texas Bluebonnets

On our way home from San Antonio last weekend, Meg and I stopped just outside of Marble Falls to take some pictures in the Bluebonnets.  The small field was a sea of blue with a little red and yellow splashed through out.  It was so beautiful.  This is the first year we’ve taken pictures in the Bluebonnets. 

Meg was so cooperative that it made the mini photo shoot very easy.  She even grabbed Reagan and Rachel out of the car for a few pictures with them.  I love this girl! Bluebonnets_001 Bluebonnets_012 Bluebonnets_028 Bluebonnets_037 Bluebonnets_049


You Capture: Sweet

Ranch_098 Ranch_085

Steph Shower_022

Steph Shower_023 



Loving the weather!

We are loving the spring weather.  We plan to spend as much time outside enjoying the weather as possible.  Meg has learned how to jump out of the swing and is super proud of herself.  Backyard Apr 5_001Backyard Apr 5_003Backyard Apr 5_019 Backyard Apr 5_020 Backyard Apr 5_021


Ramsey Easter

Easter Sunday, we woke up at the ranch.  I couldn’t wait for Megan to wake up.  Of all mornings for the little lady to sleep in.  Meg was so happy when she woke up.  Joey was decorated with Easter Eggs and a beautiful basket with all kinds of goodies in itIMG_0001Meg loves to hunt for Easter Eggs.  She quickly dumped all her goodies out of her Easter basket and started the egg hunt.  This year, the bunny didn’t just put them in the obvious places…he got creative.  IMG_0011 She searched hig and low.  IMG_0016 Inside and outside.  IMG_0017She definitely got lots of eggs and loved every minute of the hunt!  IMG_0021


Cascarones at the Ranch

Meme bought a dozen Cascarones (confetti eggs) for Megan this year and brought them with her to the ranch.  After Meg’s driving lesson, Meme told Megan she had something to show her. 

***Meme waiting to give Meg her surprise***
(isn’t she sneaky with the egg behind her back)  IMG_9895

***Meg had no idea what was going on***

IMG_9896 IMG_9897

***Here is Meme telling Megan that there are more eggs***IMG_9901 IMG_9907 IMG_9908

***Meg was so excited about cracking eggs on everyone***IMG_9914





***Dixie even got in on some of the action***IMG_9932

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