Sometimes I wonder

...if she's really my daughter!

Tonight, Meg spilled some Doritos in the kitchen and when Jarrad grabbed the vacuum, she just had to get in on the action.

She definitely didn't get her OCD about cleaning from me. Must be a Ramsey trait.

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So goofy!

How did I get this picture??? the conversation went something like this...

ME: Jarrad, take a picture with Meg.

Jarrad: OK

MEGAN: I want to be upside down.

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Wordless Wednesday

Want a cracker???

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Isn't she sweet?!?

Last night, when we got home from a friend's house, I had to do a little work in my office. Imagine my sweet surprise when I walked into the kitchen only to find Meg doing the dishes! She loves to clean...it's getting her to pick up after herself that is proving to be a huge challenge!

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10 Favorite Time Wasters

  1. Laying on the couch
  2. Taking a bath
  3. Reading
  4. Scrapbooking
  5. Surfing the Internet
  6. Watching TV
  7. Napping
  8. Watching the rain
  9. Movie time with Meg
  10. Looking through photos on my computer

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Show me your...

Kissy Face

Sad Face

Crazy Face

Silly Face

Thinking Face

Angry Face

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I decided to take a quiz to find out what kind of Mother I am. Interesting results...(my comments in italics)

ENFP —The “Kids R Fun” Mother

“Whatever I enjoy—playing tag or singing in the car—I can do it with kids around. And it’s totally legitimate!”

Playful and energetic (not so energetic, but working on it), the ENFP mother finds her children to be good company and enjoys being with them. In fact, she says being with children justifies her own “being a kid again.” And children say she’s fun to be with — spontaneous, hearty, and imaginative.

Naturally drawn to introducing her children to the joys of life, the ENFP is something of a free spirit (I wouldn't say I'm a free spirit, but I definitely want Meg to have a fun childhood). She is less concerned with rules, routines, and schedules, and more inclined to give her children plenty of free time to play, explore on their own or with her, and have fun together (I couldn't have worded that sentence better myself. I do keep her on a schedule, but do not let our lives revolve around it. If she wants to stay up late, I don't fight her about it).

Tuned in to her children, the ENFP mother enthusiastically encourages each one’s individuality and unique potential through a great variety of experiences. She is also quick to identify with others’ feelings and thoughts, making her an empathetic supporter of her children, not to mention her mate and many, many friends.

To say the least, it's very interesting. I think most people that know me would agree with the above (most of it anyway).

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Meg's first mani/pedi

On Friday, my office closed at 3:00, so I decided to pick Meg up early from day care and drag her along while I received a pedicure. She was so good. I even got her finger and toe nails painted while we were there. She did so good. I'd like to say she did great, but we had to have two of her nails fixed because she scratched her leg and messed up her nails. It was no big deal though.

Getting her nails done was a big event. She fell asleep on the way home. Being beautiful sure is hard work!

I'm sure I'm creating a monster letting my almost 4-year old get a pedicure, but I'm glad I took her. It was a very fun mother/daughter bonding experience. She and I actually chatted the whole time we were there. She told me about everything she had done at school and then we talked about her birthday party. I keep telling her that her b-day isn't for 3 months, but she still wants to talk about it. She was telling me who she was inviting and what kind of cake she wants. It was very cute. I love this little girl!



37 years

and they've never had a fight ;)

Today is my parent's 37th anniversary! Happy Anniversary mom & dad.

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Are you ok?

A few nights ago, Jarrad and I were sitting on the back patio enjoying some adult conversation, when right in the middle of a sentence, I heard the loudest snapping noise I have ever heard...next thing I know, Jarrad is on his back. The chair he was sitting in broke off it's base!!!

After I made sure that Jarrad was OK, we couldn't help but laugh about it. Lowe's was great about me returning the chair - they replaced it with no questions asked. Of course, they did ask what happened ;)

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Swimming Lessons

Meg is doing awesome at swimming lessons. Every week I'm more and more proud of her.

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10 Movies I'm Excited to See

I'm going to list 10 movies I'm excited to see...however, realize that I probably won't see them until they come out on DVD...except maybe the kid movies.

  1. Kung Fu Panda
  2. Hancock
  3. Indiana Jones
  4. Sex & the City
  5. Made of Honor
  6. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  7. Baby Mama
  8. The Happening
  9. The Dark Knight
  10. What Happens in Vegas

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About time...

The weather has been so weird this year...Meg and I have been looking forward to it warming up and it finally has! One of our favorite things to do on Saturdays is have water balloon fights in the back yard. When I'm filling up the balloons, she likes me to make a few "small" balloons, so they won't break the first time they're thrown. They bounce around on the patio like small balls and she giggles with delight while chasing them down. Dixie also loves this time of year. It means that Meg will be playing with the water hose. Dixie can't get enough of the water. We played for well over an hour out back on Saturday. Please let all our weekends be this beautiful. Meg and I love it.

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Meg's first self done pedi

Last weekend Megan painted her own toe nails. She's so independent that she never wants any help. She was so proud of her toe nails. What a cute girly girl she is.

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Don't you love...

...when you find random pictures on a digital camera??? Yes, that is me and Meg playing at Chicken Red's...not really, she couldn't climb down for some reason, so I had to go get her. These pictures were taken in February while I was taking a week off in between jobs. You can't tell, but poor little Meg was sick, sick, sick. Maybe that is why she couldn't climb down.

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10 Things You're Really Good At

  1. Scrapbooking.
  2. Taking pictures of my family.
  3. My job.
  4. Cluttering up a room.
  5. Reading.
  6. Being a mother.
  7. Saying no to Megan.
  8. Being a wife
  9. Dishes.
  10. Relaxing.

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What a wonderful weekend!

My parents came into town on Thursday night and stayed until Monday morning. We had such a great visit. Time always goes by too fast when they're in town.

Thursday night, we went over to Luke & Patty's house for dinner and to watch the Spurs game. We had a good time visiting with them. Luke made his famous french fries. Poppy was drooling over the fries - they're delicious I must say. Below is a picture of Jarrad and Megan at Boompaw's...i think it's a cute picture of both of them.

Poppy always comes with a list of places that we must eat...guess it's because they only eat at one place in SA, so he needs the variety when he's in Mansfield. Outback is on his list, so we went there on Friday night. It was very yummy. Below is a picture from the restaurant - Meg was being goofy, so I couldn't get a great picture. But, this picture is a good shot of my parents.

Saturday, we had a fun filled day. We spent 3.5 hours at Cabela's...yes, you read right, 3.5 hours!!! At least this time we bought something - last time I spent that amount of time out there with Jarrad, we walked out empty handed. Below is a picture of Meg with a huge stuffed moose - she wasn't very happy that I was making her take a picture with him. but, I'm the mom, so I win :) After Cabela's, we took Meme and Poppy to the Stockyards in Ft. Worth. They had never been. On our way from Cabela's to the Stockyards, Meg fell asleep in the car. Just looking at the picture below makes my neck hurt! Of course, it wasn't the best weekend...the humidity was off the charts, but we had a great time anyway. After we walked around in the stockyards, we went to dinner at Riscky's. While we were at dinner, Meg decided to put stickers all over her face - she's so goofy!
After dinner, we went down the street a little so Megan could sit on the Indian's horse. We had walked by him earlier and she didn't want to get on him, but she changed her mind. So, we had to go back.

Sunday, we had Jarrad's mom and brother and sister over to our house for Mother's Day Lunch. Meg always loves it when Nina comes over. Not only does Nina bring her lotion and lipstick every time she comes over, but she also lets Megan apply the said lipstick. But, Nina looks beautiful anyway. I had a wonderful weekend!
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