Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Last year, I complained about how time is going by too fast!  I still have the same complaint….it’s going by too fast! 

***Meg – last year on her birthday***
Happy 5th Bday_006

Five was AMAZING, but I’m very excited about six.  Meg is growing up into a little lady and I’m loving every minute of it. 

This morning, Megan turned SIX.  Six seems so grown up.  She doesn’t need my (or want) my help any more.  She doesn’t tell me she’s going to go watch TV or have a snack or go to the bathroom, she just does it.  It’s the little things that are changing that I will miss the most. 

P8210011I’m no longer Meg’s best friend…I have been replaced by her old friends and new friends.  I’m no longer asked to go outside with her in the driveway to color with chalk, hit golf balls, ride bikes, throw water balloons or listen to the radio.  Now, she tells me that she’s going to go play outside with her friends, she’s going to paint my driveway with her friends, listen to the radio with her friends. 

At six, Meg’s a total girlie girl, but doesn’t mind rough housing either.  She loves Six Flags (she even rode the Titan this weekend).  She is an amazing swimmer.  Her favorite movie is Avatar (we even were able to take her to see it in the theater on Friday – IMAX 3d).  She’s into fashion (although, sometimes I question her fashion statements).  She loves to read, color, tell stories, play outside, ride her bike, play with her friends, to blow bubbles with gum, and to apply lip gloss.  

This year was full of milestones…

***She chose her own Halloween costume***
Ponder Festival_008v2 

***She played soccer***

***She went to her first college football game – the Big 12 Championship***
Big 12 Championship_019

***She had her first school Christmas party***
MJR School Party_026

***She made her first visit to the ER***
Hospital 2

***she built her first snowman***

***she became a bus rider***IMG_7669

***She had her first spring break***

***she tried lobster***
7th Anniversary_022

***she started gymnastics****

***she learned to ride her bike***
Bike Riding_007

***she pulled her own first tooth***
First Tooth_04

***she “graduated” from Kindergarten***

***she went to Port A***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***she let Boompaw pull her tooth with pliers***

***she started 1st grade****

I’m excited about six and can’t wait to see the adventures that she will have.  Happy Birthday sweet, sweet girl!  I see you! 


{Mommy & Me}




Macro Friday

IMG_3796 copy


Playing with PSE

IMG_3576 IMG_3576 copy


Feeling crafty

I bought this cute green dress, but felt it just needed something. 


A scrap of material, a template, a little heat n bond lite and some stiching….and here is the finished product.  I can’t wait to wear it :) 

IMG_3764 IMG_3768

Happy Birthday Dixie Belle


Today, my sweet Dixie celebrates her 9th birthday! 

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I love you!  IMG_3801


{First Day, First Grade}

Meg started FIRST grade this week!   It seems like time won’t slow down no matter how much I complain about the speed at which it seems to be flying by.  Wasn’t it just last week that I was waking Meg up for her first day of Kindergarten?  This morning wasn’t much different for me than her first morning of Kindergarten…when my alarm went off, I laid in bed and thought to myself “another first is coming and going”. 

Meg will turn SIX next Tuesday, which means that she has almost completed 1/3 of her life under my roof.  Because, lets face it…at 18 (probably before since she is a baby for her class), she will likely be ready to move out, go to college, leave my house and house rules.  Boo hoo!!! 

As I walked into Meg’s room bright and early on Monday morning, I was a little surprised when I found her bed empty.  I was a little confused because I know that there was no way Meg had woken up on her own (she’s a lot like me in the mornings, a total bear). 


So, I headed back into my bedroom and noticed a pink “lump” laying on her mattress.  Jarrad and I have a rule that she’s not allowed to sleep with us – she’s a bed hog…so, we have her crib mattress under our bed and she pulls it out if she wants to sleep in our room.  She was covered from head to toe and absolutely adorable. 


Meg is not a morning person – as I’ve mentioned.  So, I slowly woke her up.  The first few mornings are always pretty easy convincing her to get out of bed, so this morning wasn’t much of a fight.  


Meg got up, brushed her hair and teeth, had some breakfast and got dressed.  She bought this dress specifically for the first day of school.  She’s such a girly girl.  Jarrad wasn’t able to go with us on the first day, so I snapped a picture of them in the kitchen before he headed out. 


After we had her lunch packed and everything ready, we headed out to the front for some first day of school pictures.  She fought me at first, but I finally convinced her that she had to do it – I’m pretty sure I threatened to ground her if she didn’t cooperate.  I was able to snap tons, but this was my favorite.  


Since Jarrad had to leave early, I had to break out my tri-pod :)  I had to have a picture of me and my baby girl on her first day of first grade.  Meg was a doll and didn’t complain once when while we were waiting for the self timer to go off. 


After all the picture taking, we loaded up the car and headed to school.  Meg was so excited.  She has a few kiddos in her class this year from last year and some friends that she made last year that weren’t in her class.  She’s very excited about the year. 



***Megan & Mrs. Grigar***


***Meg sitting at her desk, working on her birthday crown***IMG_3652 IMG_3653IMG_3657

Let’s hope that Megan’s First Grade year gets off to a better start than Kindergarten did!  

Mommy & Me




In a week

Megan will be a first grader! 

IMG_3377 IMG_3360 IMG_3369


The Boompaw Way

Meg’s second tooth has been loose for a few weeks now.  As with her first tooth, she has been letting anyone that is willing wiggle her loose tooth.  For the past week, Meg has been complaining that her tooth has been hurting.  Every day, the tooth would get looser and looser, but we still couldn’t get it out.  Jarrad and I both tried. 

Saturday, Meg and I went over to Boompaw & Nawnaw’s house to swim.  When Meg saw Boompaw, she told him that he had a loose tooth and that she wanted him to pull it with a pair of pliers. 

After swimming and dinner, Meg asked Boompaw to get his pliers out.  Of course, Boompaw can’t say no to Meg, so he grabbed his pliers and Meg pulled up a chair.  Nawnaw assisted by holding a flashlight. 

The dental procedure went off with no problems. 

***Boompaw grabbed the pliers*** IMG_3477

***the he grabbed a hold of her tooth***IMG_3478

***one quick pull and it was out***IMG_3479

***I think they were both equally surprised***IMG_3480

***Meg was all smiles afterwards***IMG_3484

***Thanks Boompaw***IMG_3486

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