{Please knock before entering}

Meg has been staying home with me this summer.  While we’ve kept busy, I sometimes think she gets a little bored. 
Last Friday, she told me she was going to go to work in Jarrad’s office and that the doors would be closed.  She said if I wanted to come in, that I would need to knock before coming in. 
She looked so adorable sitting at Jarrad’s desk that I just had to snap a few pictures. 
IMG_2428  IMG_2433
Isn’t Meg’s hair adorable?  One of the neighbors fixed it.  I love it. 


Good Times with Daddy

I have been looking thru my pictures from the year and came across this series. 

One day in April, Jarrad decided to show Megan what “good” cartoons were.  He grabbed his computer, plopped down on the floor in the living room and opened You Tube.  He found great cartoon clips from the “classic” cartoons.  After I saw how much she loved them, I grabbed my camera and captured this special moment between Meg and Daddy.

You tube_007

He showed her Speedy Gonzalez, Tom & Jerry, Sylvester, Little Hiawatha, Elmer Fudd and others.  Meg LOVED them.  She laughed and laughed and laughed. 

You tube_012

The first night they watched videos on You Tube for over an hour.  The next day when Megan got home from school, she grabbed Jarrad’s laptop and asked me to get her some funny cartoons. 

You tube_022

And so, night after night, we watched cartoons on You Tube.  She showed her friends when they came over.  She loved them and wanted to share with anyone and everyone.  It was adorable.

You tube_023

While she doesn’t watch them as much as she used to, she still sometimes asked Jarrad to watch cartoons on the laptop.    


The Torpedo

Meg and I met some friends at Hawaiian Falls last Wednesday for the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  Meg rode a few rides, but kept asking to ride the Torpedo.

The Torpedo has a height requirement is 48 inches, and I wasn’t sure if she was tall enough.  So, she headed up the long stair case, waited in line and asked the kid working the top to measure her.  He told her that she was “the perfect height”. 

I opted to stay at the bottom so I could get a few pictures. 


***Meg is in the capsule***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         ***there she is***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***And, as fast I was able to snap a picture, she was already at the bottom***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She absolutely loved it.  This girl of mine is a dare devil – I love  it! 


Happy Father’s Day

After I picked Meg up from her sleep over, we came home to spend the day with dad.  Meg was so happy when we got home.  After we spent a little time with him, she asked me if she could make him a card.  So, we went into the kitchen for a little arts and crafts time. 

Meg was so excited about the card she made him.  She held it behind her back as she took it into him.  I love how she was watching him read it.  IMG_2371

***Meg & Daddy being goofy***IMG_2375

Around lunch time, we headed over to Boompaw & Nawnaw’s house to spend the rest of the day swimming and hanging out.  Meg was so excited when we got there.  We immediately put our swim suits on and headed out to the pool. 

The day was absolutely beautiful, so we spent most of the afternoon outside.  We went in for an afternoon snack, but quickly made our way back out there. 

***Meg and Boompaw***IMG_2382

***Meg jumping off the diving board***IMG_2392

Meg spent most of the afternoon swimming.  She was diving for rings, swimming from one end of the pool to the other and diving for the dive rings.  I’m so excited about her confidence in swimming this summer.  



A Busy Saturday

Meg had a very busy Saturday.  She had a birthday party for Aaron and then spent the night with Lauren (both kids from swimming lessons). 
Aaron’s party was at Alley Cats.  The kids had so much fun bowling, eating pizza and cake and then playing a few games. 
***Meg & Lauren*** 
***The bowling queen***
***The kiddos***

After Aaron’s party, Megan went home with Lauren and Laura for a sleep over.  She was invited on Monday at swimming lessons, so it was all I heard about all week.  Meg and Lauren are adorable together.  They’re about 6 weeks apart in age and both are total hams.  I love these girls to death! 
Thankfully, Laura takes as many pictures as I do, so I have plenty of pictures from the sleep over. 
***Lauren & Meg – hiding out in Laura’s closet***2010_06_19_2034
***Playing with the goo***
***putting together a puzzle***
***Sweet girls***
I picked Megan up on Sunday morning pretty early since it was Father’s Day.  Of course, when I got to Laura’s, Megan was still sleeping.  We woke her up, had some breakfast, then headed home to spend the day with daddy. 


Hawaiian Falls

Last Friday afternoon, I was able to get away early from work, so Megan and I headed out to Hawaiian Falls.  It was the first time for both of us.  I love this place.  Meg is at the age where I don’t have to be with her every second, so she was able to stand in a few lines by herself and play in the wave pool by herself.  She had so much fun, that we bought season passes on the way out. 

Hawaiin Falls

I can’t wait to use them all the time.  Hopefully we’ll be able to make it out there a few times a month (even if we just go out there during my lunch hours). 


Backyard fun

Meg loves playing outside.  It’s only June and its already been too hot outside, so we decided to her her a small kiddie pool for the backyard.  She was super excited about it.  We bought the pool from Target after dinner one night, came home and blew it up for her.  We started filling it, but had to stop about half way because it was getting late.  

IMG_2216 IMG_2220IMG_2224 

The next day, we filled it the rest of the way.  I had a few water toys hidden in a closet and threw them out there for her to play with.  She spent a few hours in her pool, playing, splashing, floating and “swimming”. 

Dixie loves the water, so she was super excited to have this too.  She won’t get in (not sure why), but she loves when Meg shoots her with the water hose or splashes her.  Hopefully this will last us the summer.  Meg has really been having lots of fun with it.  IMG_2245 IMG_2252


June in SA

Meg and I headed to San Antonio for a quick visit with the family.  We drove down on Wednesday night and came home Sunday. 

Thursday, we went to see mom’s new office and meet a few of her co-workers.  Then, we IMG_2138met Taylor for lunch at Longhorn for the best burgers in the world!  Poppy, Megan and I then headed to the grocery store and home for the afternoon.  That night, Ruth and the boys came over for dinner.  Luke is getting so big, it’s hard to believe how fast time is going by! 

Megan brought her old tricycle and scooter down to my parents to give to Luke.  He loved, loved, loved them.  Of course, he’s not big enough to reach the pedals yet, so Taylor and Poppy took turns pushing him around on them.  


Friday, Poppy, Megan and I offered to keep Luke for the day.  I forgot how much energy is required to chase a 13 month old around.  Luke is into everything.  He’s a climber (which I have NO experience with) and always moving.  He doesn’t like being told no.  He has this super cute little temper when he gets mad. 

After lunch on Friday, Poppy, Meg and Luke got in the pool.  Meg has become such a strong swimmer.  I love watching her dive for dive sticks and jump off the hot tub into the pool.  She would spend all of her waking hours in the pool if we’d let her.  

IMG_2151 IMG_2162

Friday night, Taylor and Ruth came over for dinner and to hang out.  It’s was a perfect night.  We swam a little, then picked up Beefys. 

Saturday, Sheryl came into town (I didn’t get one picture of Sheryl – boo).  Meg, Sheryl and I did a little shopping at Target that morning, then came back and laid pool side all day.  We went out around 12:30 and didn’t come in until about 6:00.  Meg stay in the pool most of the time – except when she was eating. 



Aunt Sheryl caught a dragon fly and Meg was so excited about her new found friend.  He survived until she decided to take him swimming. 


Taylor, Ruth and Luke came over in the afternoon and enjoyed some sun too.  Luke went down for a nap as soon as they got there, but was so excited to come swimming after he woke up.   Meg loves Luke so much. I love watching how their relationship grows each time they see each other.  We are spending five days at the coast in July and I can’t want to see their bond grow even stronger. 


***Poppy and his favorite granddaughter and grandson***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Saturday night, the Middletons came over for dinner.  The adults sat around the pool while the kiddos swam for a few hours.  I didn’t even get my camera out :( 

We hated to say good-bye Sunday morning, but both Meg and I were starting to get a little home sick. 


New hair cuts

Meg and I got new hair styles for the summer :) 

I went back dark – the blonde was just too much…


And, meg chopped hers all off.  I love Meg’s hair this length!  So easy for the summer.  IMG_2363


Swimming at Emler

Meg is taking swimming lessons again this summer at Emler.  No, she doesn’t still need swimming lessons, but she’s been swimming with the same group of kids for three years and we just can’t bear to break them apart.  Plus, the mommies really enjoy the lessons more than the kids do!  
We always try the impossible, which is to get a picture of the foursome together, but are never successful.  I don’t know how parents of multiples do it.  Most of the time, the girls are cooperative, so we always end up with cute pictures of the girls.  But, Ben and Aaron aren’t always as excited when the cameras come out. 

***Lauren & Meg***IMG_2076 IMG_2078
***Meg and her instructor, Kayla***IMG_2098


Kindergarten Graduation Already???

Today was Megan’s last day of Kindergarten.  I can’t believe that Kindergarten is already over.  Its hard to believe that 9 months ago, we were dropping her off for her first day of Kindergarten.  Even though the year got off to a rough start, it couldn’t have ended up more perfectly! 

Megan had a great year and learned so much.  She loved every day of Kindergarten. 

This morning, before I woke her up, I had to snap a picture of my sleeping angel.  She looked so peaceful and so much like a big girl. 


I can’t believe how much she’s changed over the past 9 months.  It has been so bittersweet to watch Megan grow into such a perfect, loving little girl. 

Last year, when Meg started school, I worried about every little thing.  I know now that I fretted over nothing.  Although Megan made mistakes and a few bad decisions, I know that she learned from them. 

This morning, as I was snapping a few pictures, I couldn’t help but notice what a big girl Megan has turned into. 


This morning, she had a graduation ceremony at her school.  All six of the Kindergarten classes put on a small production.  It was absolutely adorable to watch 120 students sing. 

IMG_1820 After the production, we headed into Meg’s class for her “diploma” and a few pictures with friends and family. 

***Meg & Daddy***IMG_1825

***Meg & Mommy***IMG_1826

***Meg, Boompaw & Nawnaw***IMG_1827 

Meg loved her teacher, Mrs. Kelly.  She was the perfect teacher for Megan and I am happy it turned out the way it did. 

***Megan and Mrs. Kelly***IMG_1830 

***Meg and her locker – one last time***IMG_1834

I will try to publish a video later!

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