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Go Rangers!

The same day as Meg’s field day, we had tickets to the Rangers game.  This was Meg’s second game.  Her first game, she wasn’t even one yet and slept through most of it.  Jarrad, Meg and I left for the game around 5:00. 

As we were walking into the park, I was letting them search my purse and I looked over to see Jarrad handing his knife over.  Apparently, you can’t have knives in the park, so Jarrad had three options; 1) throw it away, 2) put it in the lost & found box and hope it’s still there after the game or 3) take it back to the truck.  He chose option 3.

So, while Jarrad was taking his knife back to the truck, Meg and I went into the ball park.  We walked right into the kid play area and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get around her playing.  I gave her five bucks and said that was all.  She did four games and loved every minute of it.  IMG_1436 IMG_1442 IMG_1451

It was Dollar Dog night, so we all had hot dogs for dinner.  We grabbed a table and had hot dogs, French fries and diet cokes.  It was a perfect ball park dinner.  IMG_1460 IMG_1461

After diner, we headed to our seats.  They were actually very good seats.  I have to mention that our seats were free because we got tickets in our six flags coupon book.  My only complaint is that they were in the sun, but since it was a night game, that wasn’t a problem for long. 

However, because of the sun, Meg convinced daddy that she needed a hat.  He’s such a softie, but I have to say that she looked adorable in her hat.


IMG_1487 IMG_1515 

It seems that we never have any pictures of Jarrad and me, so I had Meg snap this one.  It’s the best of the bunch.  One had Jarrad’s face cut off and the other one is out of focus.  It’s not the best picture I’ve ever seen of us, but it’s good enough :)


At first, Meg didn’t want to sit down.  She also kept cheering for the “Horsies”.  I was finally able to figure out what – the Ranger’s mascot is dressed in a horse costume with a Ranger’s uniform on.  After we got that straighten out, all was right in the cheering section. 

By the 7th inning, Meg had really gotten into the game.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs and starting cheers.  She and a guy that was sitting across the aisle from us were chanting back and forth “Go Rangers Go”. 

IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1553 IMG_1556

We left right after the 8th inning.  Meg was starting to get restless, so we decided to head out.  She loved every minute of the game and wants to go back again. 

Meg’s Field Day

Meg’s original Field Day was supposed to be while we were in Vegas.  However, the storms that caused our flights to be cancelled, also caused Meg’s Field Day to be postponed.  While this may have upset Meg a little, it definitely made Mommy very happy!  After all, I didn’t want to miss out on her first field day. 

Field day began at 8:00am and ended around 11:30.  It was full of “field day” activities.  I was so happy that I was able to make it.  The kids had a blast participating in all the challenges and her class won two events and came in second in another.  I am so proud of all of them!

***Megan & Maddie***IMG_1275


***Egg Race – Meg didn’t do so well, but she tried her hardest*** IMG_1304 IMG_1312 IMG_1313


***Meg & Marianela***


***The tire Race – they won***
IMG_1374  IMG_1410


***Meg and Abby – her partner for the magic carpet, which they won***IMG_1423IMG_1430

It was a glorious day.  Fun was definitely had by everyone. 


Another Milestone

For about two months, Meg has had a loose tooth.  She has been letting anyone and everyone put their hands in her mouth to feel it wiggle.  Truth is that when she first told us it was loose, about mid-January, it wasn’t even budging…but, she wanted to have a loose tooth so bad that I think she forced it to start wiggling.  By March, it definitely had a little wiggle to it. 

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I HATE the idea of loose teeth.  As a child, I wouldn’t let anyone near my mouth when I had a loose tooth.  The thought of it makes me gag. 

Last Wednesday, we went to a Ranger’s game (stay tuned for a post about that).  Meg’s tooth was so loose, that I took a picture of it.  

***Meg’s tooth at the Ranger’s Game***IMG_1533    

Over the weekend, we thought for sure that her tooth would fall out.  She spent the night with a friend on Saturday night.  Sunday afternoon, we went swimming at Boompaw and Nawnaw’s.  Still, that tooth wouldn’t fall out.

Monday morning, Jarrad made an attempt to pull it out, but was unsuccessful. 

Imagine my surprise when Meg came bursting thru the door screaming that she lost her tooth at school.  Actually, to say she lost her tooth is a lie – she pulled it out. herself.  in the bus line.  after school. 

Seriously, this girl is tough, tough, tough! 

Since she pulled it out at school, I was able to capture her looking in the mirror for the first time with her new toothless grin.  She was so happy. 

***Meg looking at her goofy grin for the first time***IMG_1574 IMG_1575

***So proud***IMG_1577

Not that I wanted to see the tooth (as I mentioned, I really can’t stomach teeth), but I made her show it to me.  She ripped open the small envelope that one of the teachers in the bus line gave her, like it was a Christmas gift and displayed her first tooth with pride.  I was surprised at how small it seemed in her hand. 

***Meg and her tooth***IMG_1582

***Meg’s tooth***IMG_1581

Before Megan was born, my SIL’s mom made Megan a tooth fairy pillow from fabric that we used in her nursery.  It was super adorable and I knew that one day it would be perfect for Megan. 

We put her tooth in the small pocket on the front and closed it up.  Meg could hardly wait for the tooth fairy to come visit.  IMG_1584

Tuesday morning, Meg woke up and found 2 $5 bills in the pocket where she had put her tooth on Monday night.  She also had a certificate from the tooth fairy saying that she had picked up Meg’s tooth. 

I can’t believe Meg is growing up so fast.  If only I could get time to stand still.  It’s all going by too fast!  WAY.  TOO.  FAST!


Big news in the Ramsey household

We’ve been trying to convince Megan that she is able to ride her big girl bike for what seems like months.  Sunday, something finally clicked! 

She had a friend over and I asked her “do you want to try to ride your bike to show Hailey how close you are?”  I was shocked that she wanted to try.  Not only did she want to try, but she didn’t want my help at all.

So, she pushed her bike to the end of the drive way and took off…no hesitation, just took off riding like she’d been doing it for years.  I was so proud of her. 

***One last look back***IMG_1224 

***off she goes***IMG_1225

***and going***IMG_1231

***and going***IMG_1233

***Proud Megan***IMG_1248


Just can’t get enough :)

The Wednesday after Mother’s day, Jarrad and I headed back to Las Vegas.  This time, we went for the Car Wash Convention, not to surprise anyone, but we still had an absolute blast!  

We flew out first thing on Wednesday morning with Luke, Patty, Nick and Michelle.  The flight was great and we were in Vegas before I knew it.  After we got to the hotel, we grabbed some breakfast/lunch, then headed over to the car wash show. 

We only stayed for a few hours, before we headed back to the hotel to regroup.  Jarrad and I ran up to the room to refresh a little, then headed downstairs to gamble.  I sat at a Black Jack machine and Jarrad went to the tables. 

I actually did very well at the machine.  By the time everyone was back down stairs and ready to go, I was up 250 bucks :) 

***Michelle & Nick***IMG_2075

***Jarrad & me***IMG_2079

We rode the monorail from the Hilton (where we were staying) to the Flamingo.  It was a pretty easy way to get around Vegas.  Although, you definitely have to know where the stations are, you won’t just walk up on them.  We went thru the Flamingo and over to Caesars. 

Wednesday night, we went to a party hosted by some of my in-laws dear friends that are also in the car washing business.  The party was at Hooters Hotel & Casino.  They rented out a small private bar that was pool side.  There was buffet style eating with all things Hooters. 

In the Hooters Hotel & Casino, there is a Bar called Dixie’s Dam Bar.  I had to take a picture of it because it reminded me of my sweet little Dixie at home :)  IMG_2091 Thursday morning, everyone went back over to the car wash show in the morning.  I had to stay behind to work a little.  I caught up with them around lunch time.  We spent about 45 more minutes at the show, then headed to do more sight seeing. 


We went to the Bellagio to see the fountain show, walked down to Treasure Island to catch the show there (we were early, so we found out what time it was scheduled for), then Luke wanted to head to downtown.  IMG_2090

***Reflection of the Bellagio***IMG_2094 

***Patty & Luke***IMG_2095

We loaded up in the cab and headed downtown.  This was my first time downtown and I have to say I really like it.  I think when (yes, WHEN – I’m addicted to Vegas) we go back, we’ll stay there :) 

Friday morning, we all got up and met downstairs to head back to the airport to go home.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), our flight was cancelled, so we were able to have one more night in Vegas.  It was awesome. 

We booked some rooms downtown at the Golden Nugget.  We all went upstairs to freshen up and get ready for a night out.  At first, everyone was a little disappointed that our flight was cancelled, but by the end of the night, we were all VERY happy we were able to stay an extra night. 

***The Ramsey Boys – Luke, Nick, Jarrad***IMG_2110


We had a GREAT time.  I can’t thank Luke enough for inviting the wives to come along. 


More Flags, More Fun


The day before Mother’s day, we met our wonderful friends for some fun at Six Flags.  The day was absolutely beautiful and the kids were so happy to see each other.  We arrived at the park around 4:30 and left around 8:00.  Meg and I are going to love having season passes this year :) 
IMG_2052 IMG_2055 IMG_2057IMG_2059


Happy {FIRST} Birthday, Luke!

I can’t believe we already celebrated by my sweet, adorable nephew’s FIRST birthday!  Where has the year gone?   Luke is the cutest little boy in the world (in my world at least).  Ruth went to great lengths to make Luke’s birthday party a huge success. 

***Dessert and party favor table***Lukes First Bday_001 copy

While we were singing Happy Birthday to Luke, he was smiling and looking around at everyone.  After the birthday song was over, he sang a little to us.  It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. 

***Luke’s cupcake***Lukes First Bday_040 copy

***He loved it***Lukes First Bday_048 copy 

***Yellow was a good color choice***Lukes First Bday_055 copy

***Taylor, Luke & Ruth***
I love the look that Luke is giving Taylor

Lukes First Bday_063 copy

***so happy***Lukes First Bday_113 copy

***Milk to wash down the cupcake***Lukes First Bday_115 copy

***opening gifts***Lukes First Bday_142 copy 

Ruth got the older kiddos a piƱata – it was a huge HIT.  Each kid got a turn and had a blast hitting the donkey.  We went in order of age, which meant Meg was the last kiddo to take a turn.  Meg beat the snot out of it, eventually knocking it’s body off.


***Rush went first***Lukes First Bday_167 copy

***Then Presley***Lukes First Bday_173 copy

***Followed by Paisley***Lukes First Bday_177 copy

***The slugger, aka Megan***Lukes First Bday_195 copy

***body off***Lukes First Bday_203 copy

***candy on the lawn***Lukes First Bday_206 copy

The party was a huge success.  Luke got lots and lots of new toys.  We gave him a sand box – Ruth and Taylor were thrilled :)  Kyle & Sheryl got Luke the sand to go in the sand box and some toys. 

Happy birthday Luke.  We love you!!! 

I have more pictures and will post them in the near future. 

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