Back from vacation

WOW! It's amazing how fast a week goes by when you're on vacation. I do have to say that I did everything I wanted to though.

Meg and I left on Wednesday night for San Antonio after I got off work. By the time I got Meg loaded up, both of the dogs and all of our "stuff", it was 6:30 before we got on the road. The ride was mostly uneventful. Meg watched movies, Ace & Dixie slept and I listened to a book on my iPod (actually, a lot more entertaining than it sounds). The worst part of the drive was when I got a speeding ticket at 10:30pm! I was so mad!!

So, Thursday was rehearsal dinner for Beth & Jeff. That afternoon, I got a pedicure and my hair touched up. Rehearsal was awesome - Beth did a great job with how she organized the bridal party - it was very unusual, but worked amazingly!

Friday, was the big wedding :) Beth and Jeff looked amazing as they stood in front of their family and friends vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. Short of a small microphone problem, the ceremony went off with very few glitches...minus Meg shouting out "I want my mommy" when I walked down the isle. But, Jarrad whisked her away and all was good. The reception was a blast - Meg must have danced to every song. And Beth & Jeff looked so amazing!

Saturday, we went to Austin to see Kyle at Cabela's. He invited us up to the store for "Family & Friends" weekend. It's a weekend where the employees family gets their discount at the store. It was very awesome! We got back to mom and dad's house and went for a short swim. Then, we loaded up for dinner at El Jarro (of course). After we got back from "The Jar", Jarrad and I went to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law at some friends house. We stayed out until 2:45am - I couldn't believe we stayed out that late. But, we had so much fun.

Sunday, Kyle & Sheryl came into town, so we cooked out at the house with them, Taylor & Ruth, mom and dad, and the Ramseys. It was a very low key night, but we had a great time. We played washers and sat around talking. We didn't want to do anything too tiring because we were going to Sea World the next day!

Monday was a perfect day. We left for Sea World around 12:45 (after lunch). It was perfect timing. We arrived just in time for a dolphin feeding. Meg fed the dolphins (she said this was her favorite part). After the feeding, we went to the ski show. Meg sat through most of it. After the ski show, we headed over to the sea lion show. She loved that. She sat on Jarrad's lap for the whole show and never moved. After that show, we grabbed a quick bite and then went back to the sea lion show again (different show). After that, we headed to Shamu stadium for the last show of the night. Meg had an absolute blast at that show. It was so adorable! I think I watched her more than I watched the show. She was so mesmerized by everything we saw. It was such an amazing experience for me to be able to see her taking it all in for the first time. I can't believe how quickly she's growing up!

Tuesday, we had to come back to Mansfield. Jarrad needed to get back to work and Meg and I needed to recover from our vacation.

I wouldn't have changed our vacation for anything!


Wordless Wednesday

Y kisses for daddy Y


So sleepy...

Meg decided that she needed some milk to drink at 3:00am last night. Imagine this...I'm sleeping peacefully and I hear a quietly whispered "Mama", followed immediately by a loudly shouted "Mama". Scared me so bad I was glad I was sleeping with my back to the outside - otherwise, I would have probably lashed out with my arms in self defense.

So, I climb out of bed...this is when Meg informs me that she wants to ride me piggy back. So, she climbs up on the bed, climbs onto my back and off to the kitchen we go to get some milk. We have milk and she goes right back to bed - no fuss. Of course, as I'm tucking her in, she reminds me that "Daddy is taking me to school and you're picking me up". She's very particular about things.

Well, I thought the rest of my night would be peaceful - no more interruptions...boy was I wrong. Around 3:40, I am jolted awake by a sweet, soft hand that is laid on my face. It was Megan again...this time she informs me that she wants me to come sleep in her big girl bed with her. I didn't really think that sounded as comfy as my bed did, so I invited her into bed with me. I know I should have put her back to her bed, I just couldn't - after all, there is plenty of room in our bed for her. That being said, she only slept with us for about an hour - around 4:30, I picked her up, carried her back to her room and laid her down. She never even woke up.

Such a sweet angel!


The Dress Adventure

So, as promised....here is the dress adventure story.

As I mentioned in an early post, I had to take Megan to get fitted for her Flower Girl dress on Saturday. So, right after swimming lessons, Meg and I headed over the David's Bridal to get her fitted for her "Princess Dress". We walk in and I tell the woman who has been assigned to help us which dress we need. We go straight to the Flower Girl section and pick up the dress. So of course, we had to go look in the mirror at the Princess (she refers to herself as Princess Angel). She is twirling around and dancing around like you wouldn't imagine - it was adorable. I then ask the woman if she has a few pairs of shoes Meg can try on. She brings out two pairs and I put one of each shoe on Meg's feet. She lifts up her dress to look at them in the mirror. I tell her that she needs to pick her favorite pair. She picks a pair that is open toed - they were my choice too. Sooo cute! Here is a picture taken with my phone of Meg in the dressing room - isn't she adorable.

Then comes the tough part - explaining to Megan that she is going to have to take the dress off and we're going to have to order her one (the dress we're ordering is actually brown and ivory, not pink and white). I also have to explain to her that we can't take the shoes with us either. She started crying and couldn't stop - it was so sad. Here is the picture of her in the car after I've tried to calm her down for 20 minutes...nothing I said would make her stop crying! It was breaking my heart into a million pieces!

I finally got her calmed down when I suggested that we go to Toys-R-Us to pick her out a new toy. She picked out a new baby stroller for her baby and 6 pairs of princess shoes.

What a crazy experience that was for me!


Happy Father's Day...

Or as Meg would say "Happy Mother's Day".

We went over to Leigh Ann's house for Father's Day. It was a great day. Meg loves seeing her Auntie Lee Lee, Unk and Boompaw. She's always the center of attention.

I think Jarrad had a wonderful father's day. Nothing is better than hearing your daughter wish you a happy (insert which ever holiday/celebration here) Father's day.

Did I mention that I'm completely over the rain?!? It has been raining and raining and raining and raining in Texas and it just won't stop. I have to be honest though - the rain has kept the weather cool, and I've gotten to hang out with Jarrad a lot on the weekends. Can't wash cars if it's raining :) But, really - I'm over the rain. Or, at least if it could rain on the week days instead of the weekends, that would be better.



What a long week it was. I was completely wiped out after the girls weekend! I could have used Monday off to recover. I just can't party like I used to.

Today has been a very long day. I got to the office this morning at 6:15am - YIKES. I'm hoping to go home early, but am sure I won't get out of here before 5:00. Such is life.

We have a busy weekend planned. Tonight, we're going to dinner at Outback - yummy! Jarrad and I always used to eat there (once a week at least) before we had Megan and before we moved. We just don't make it to eat there as much as we'd like. So, tonight we're going. We're both excited.

Saturday, Megan has swimming lessons at 10:45. She loves her swimming lessons. She's doing so great too. I'm so proud of her. After swimming, we have to go get fitted for a Flower Girl dress for Landon & Carol's wedding in September. I'm sure that will be fun (too be continued with pictures). After the dress fitting, we have our "errands" to run, then back to the house for a nap. Saturday night, we're going over to the Sorenson's for dinner. YEAH!

Sunday, we have plans to go to Leigh Ann's new house for Father's Day. We're going to have a late lunch so we don't end up spending all day there.


It's been too long

I can't believe how busy I am. I wanted to blog more often, but have been completely swamped with work and life in general.

So much has been going on. This past weekend, I had a girl's weekend :) One of my girlfriends is getting married, so we did a whole weekend for her bachelorette party. We went out to my mother-in-law's lake house at Possum Kingdom. It was a perfect weekend. There were 11 girls and we all had an amazing time. We've vowed to start doing it yearly - just to be with our girlfriends.

Jarrad kept Meg all weekend. Saturday, he took her over to my mother-in-law's house since he had to work. She helped her Nina plant flowers and they played with make up and lotion (two of Meg's favorite things to do at Nina's house). Jarrad said Meg was a perfect little Angel.

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