Snug as a bug

I had to work late a few nights last week.  One night when I got home, Meg was already in bed and fast asleep.  I went in to give her a kiss and couldn’t help but laugh when I went in and found her covered up head to toe…all but her nose, mouth and left arm. 




Meg’s first Rodeo

Saturday, Nawnaw and I took Megan to the rodeo.  This was actually my first time to sit through the entire FW rodeo as well.  Jarrad and I tried to go with Luke and Patty one year, but Jar had an asthma attack, so we had to leave early. 


Meg and I had to go up super early to pick up our tickets from will call.  Since it was a little cold, we headed straight into the coliseum.  Meg had tons of questions (and I had very little answers). 


While Meg and I were waiting for Nawnaw to get there and for the show to start, Meg claimed she had to have some cotton candy.  She said she wanted to have some before Nawnaw got there because she didn’t want Nawnaw to eat it all.  While she was eating cotton candy, she asked me if I knew why it was called cotton candy.  Before I could answer she told me that it was called cotton candy because it “gets caught in your throat.”  All these years I thought it was “cotton” candy…turns out, it’s “caught in” candy. 


Megan has mixed feelings about the rodeo.  She has such a big love for animals, so the calf roping and steer wrestling were a little much for her.  When the first calf was roped, she gasped audibly when it hit the end of the cowboys rope and flipped.  While the cowboy was tying the calf up, she had huge tears in her eyes.  When I asked her what her favorite part of the rodeo was, she told me “when the baby cows got away from the cowboys.”  She did love the barrel racing and the bull riding and has already asked if we can go back. 


Meg had an overall good day and we were super happy that Nawnaw was able to spend it with us.  Nawnaw, thank you for being such a big part of our lives. 



Every night

Every night, I had to give Dixie her medicine.  I’ve been administering her meds for about 7.5 years now.  When Dixie was diagnosed with Addison’s, I knew that I had to figure a way to give her medication.  There was no way I was going to shove pills down her throat every night.  So, my idea was cheese.  It works and I don’t have to shove my hands into her mouth and pills down her throat.

So, every night we do the same thing.  I let the dogs out, get Dixie’s medicine laid out on the counter, let the dogs back in and they sit pretty while waiting for their cheese.  I always stand in the same place and they always sit in the same place.  Dixie sits on my right, in front of the stove.  Gunner to my left in front of the fridge.  I always give Dixie hers first and Gunner goes last. 

There are occasional nights where I forget to give Dixie her medicine.  She NEVER lets me forget though.  If I don’t give her her medicine, she will get in our bed and stare me down until I figure it out. 

***Gunner’s cheese on the left, Dixie’s cheese and meds on the right***
IMG_7106 copy

***Dixie on my right, sitting pretty***
IMG_7115 copy

***Gunner on my left, waiting patiently***
IMG_7111 copy

Unfortunately, as you can tell the dogs have no care in the world for me.  They are both starting at the counter top where I have the cheese laid out. 


Quads reunited!

Saturday, Meg and I had a play date with Laura and Lauren.  We met at the roller skating rink, then went to lunch and were going to head back to our house to complete our afternoon. 

Since we were driving by Sandra and Aaron’s house, I decided to give them a call to see if they wanted to come to the house too.  Turns out, they were having a play date with Cindy and Ben.  So, I just invited myself over to Sandra’s house to get the Quads together for the day! 

The unscheduled play dates seem to work the best for us.  If we try to plan a play date in advance, it never works out…however if we talk about it the day before, it always comes together. 

We were so happy to all be back together.  Honestly, I’m not sure who was more happy…the Moms or the Kids.  It was an awesome night full of great friends, great stories and tons of laughter!  (and teeth pulling)

***from L to R:  Meg, Ben, Aaron, Lauren***
IMG_7124 copy
IMG_7127 copyIMG_7128 copy

Thank you Sandra and Cindy for letting us crash your play date!  I know that Meg and I had a GREAT time!  We miss you all too much!!!!!!! 


Another one out!

Meg has finally lost another tooth!  So far, we haven’t had to pull any of her teeth…it’s working out better for me than I had hoped.  I HATE teeth, they gross me out more than almost anything. 

If you remember back to last May, Meg pulled her first loose tooth in the bus line.  Her second bottom tooth was handled by Boompaw and his trusty pair of pliers. 

Over the past few weeks, her top left (if you’re looking at her) front tooth has gotten wigglier and wigglier and wigglier.  It was so loose that he was sticking out of her mouth, see the evidence below. 

IMG_7094 copyIMG_7097 copy

Jarrad and I tried our best to get it out, but it just wasn’t ready.  He tried about four times to pull this one, but wasn’t successful. 

IMG_7100 copyIMG_7101 copy

On Saturday night, Meg and I were at some friends house playing.  Her tooth was sticking out pretty bad and seemed to be getting looser by the minute.  Enter Mike – my teething pulling hero.  He wrapped some dental floss around and tried to pull it that way, but to no avail. 


Turns out the old fashion way was the best way.  He grabbed a tissue, dried her tooth off and pulled.  It came right out without any problems.  I was even able to get some pictures of the event. 


She was so happy to finally have that tooth out!  It was a great play date (stay tuned for a post about our play date). 


Saturday night, we had a visit from the tooth fairy. 


Quilt for Megan

I promised Megan I would make her a quilt.  I was finally able to finish the top and now just need to quilt it together with the backing.  She’s super excited about it and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. 

IMG_7087 copyIMG_7091 copy


The Princess

Dixie has Jarrad completely wrapped around her little paws.  This sweet angel can do no wrong and always gets her way when it comes to her daddy.  Jarrad would rather be uncomfortable than ask Dixie to move and get down.  It’s always been this way for them.

Jarrad will make Meg or me move if we are in her spot and even near her spot.  When we’re in the man cave, he always asks Dixie if she’s comfortable.   

IMG_7030 copyIMG_7031 copy


Busy first week

Our first week of 2011 was extra busy.  We all had to readjust to school starting back up and sticking to our schedules.  Jarrad and I had a rehearsal dinner for Chappy & Candance on Thursday in Rockwall.  We had to leave the house around 5 and we’re going to be home pretty late, so I asked Boompaw and Nawnaw to come down to spend the evening with Megan.  Thankfully, they were available and babysat for us.


IMG_7056 copy

Saturday afternoon was the wedding.  Jarrad, Meg and I headed out together.  Meg looked so beautiful and like a big girl!  I can’t believe how big she is getting.  Time is definitely speeding up if you ask me! 

***Meg & Brylie before the ceremony***
IMG_7059 copy

***Candance and Chappy***
IMG_7078 copy

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  We couldn’t be happier for Chappy and Candance.  We look forward to the future with both of them. 


New Year’s Day - 2011

Meme and Poppy left out on New Year’s Day.  We were sad to see them go, but were thankful about the time we were able to spend with them.  We all went to breakfast together before they headed out.  After they left, Jarrad, Meg and I headed to Fort Worth to attend the gun show.  It definitely wasn’t top of my list of things to do on the first day of 2011, but we wanted to spend the day with Jarrad. 

Meg was pretty nervous while we were there because it was so crowded.  She was holding onto my hand tighter than she ever has before.  After a while, she asked if her and I could go sit outside where is wasn’t so busy.  So, we grabbed her a drink and some Cheetos and found a spot on the floor to sit away from the crowd.   

It did allow me time to shoot a few pictures of Megan.  I love how big and brown her eyes are in this picture.  This is the face of an angel. 

IMG_7019 copy


Wordless Wednesday



Recap of 2010- an AMAZING year!!!

Jan 2010


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Nov 2010


Dec 2010

{Meme & Poppy}

Meme and Poppy came up for a visit last week.  We were so happy to have them.  They came in Tuesday night and stayed thru Saturday.  Since they were going to be here over New Year’s Eve, they brought the dogs with them.  We had four large dogs running the house for five days. 

Meme & Poppy had planned to come in on Wednesday originally, we were so happy when they decided to come in early.  Thankfully, mom’s boss allowed her to work remotely so they were able to come up early.  We decided not to tell Meg that they were coming in early and let them surprise her when Jarrad took them with him to pick her up from day care.  She was so happy. 

Tuesday night, we went to dinner at Mexican Inn.  Everyone knows that dad has certain places that he has to eat at while visiting.  We very rarely eat meals at home because of this. 

Mom was introduced to Meg’s new babies and thought they were adorable.  I was even able to snap a picture of the four of them. 

***Megan, Meme, Travis & Sarah***

Wednesday, I had to work, so Meme, Poppy & Meg went to the movies and ran a few errands.  That night, we went to dinner at Outback in Burleson.  Meg must have been hungry from a busy day with her grandparents because she ate most of the seared tuna and all of her mac and cheese.  We were all pretty shocked. 

***Meme, Megan & Poppy***

Thursday, mom, dad and Megan came to my office to have lunch with me.  I invited them up so they could see my office.  Then, we went to lunch at the mall.   

Thursday night, I wanted to take Meme and Poppy to Grand Prairie Lights, but the boys didn’t want to go.  So, we went to dinner at Mama’s Pizza then went to Michael’s, Kirklands and Best Buy. 

Friday I had the day off, so I was able to spend the entire day with the family (except for Jarrad – he had to work).  We went to breakfast at Whataburger, then did some shopping.  I had to take a break around lunch time so I could run a report for work.  We decided to stop at Corner Bakery (another one of Dad’s faves).  After lunch and a little bit of work, we went to the mall to buy mom’s birthday present. 

For New Year’s Eve, we stayed at the house, cooked fajitas and watched football.  Mom and I were the only two who made it to midnight, everyone else wimped out on us.  Mom and I played Sequence and visited.  I can’t think of any other way I would have rather rang in the new year!  It was perfect!!! 


***Poppy, aka the Dog Whisperer***IMG_6991


Happy new year!!! 

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