I'm still alive :)

With surgery and the holidays, I haven't had any time to post. I can't wait to post about our Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration with my side of the family and our Christmas Eve/Christmas Day celebration with Jarrad's family. I am downloading pictures and getting organized, and will post all about it soon.

Recovery from my surgery is going well. I have had good days and bad days (more good than bad). I did have a set back because I was over doing it. The doctor chuckled when I told him I was walking a mile a day only 2.5 weeks after my surgery - apparently that was too much too soon. Live and learn :) I'm definitely looking forward to the day I'm completely recovered...Jarrad just wasn't made to be a wife. Although, I love that he's getting a dose of my life. The saying "A women's work is never done" has new meaning to Jarrad. I think I'll milk this for all it's worth :)

Until next time....hope everyone has a very safe and happy new year.


Surgery details...

Well, my surgery went very well. The doctor said my back was a lot more unstable than he originally thought. The pain that I had in my legs is gone, now I just have pain from recovering from surgery. I had a four level lumbar spinal fusion.

The first few days at the hospital were pretty rough. I'm pretty sure that the nurses were waking me up every five minutes to take my vitals and give me pills. I was released on Thursday and came home to my parents house for the first few weeks of my recovery. Mom is planning on taking Meg and I back to Mansfield at the end of next week. Mom has been an angel while I'm recovering. She's making sure I take my meds and am comfortable.

I have a follow up appt tomorrow, so should know more about my recovery and how long it will take after that. I should be able to go back to work on Monday and I'm excited about that :) It will help the days go by. There is only so much sitting around I can do.

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