I missed Meg!

Last night, Jarrad and I went to dinner and watched a movie. After long week, it was exactly what we needed. Seems now, we all (Jarrad, Meg and myself) have a horrible cough. It started with Megan right before her birthday, then Jarrad got in mid-month, and I brought up the tail end this past week. Oh the joys of passing around a "bug".

Meg spent the night with her Boompaw and Nawnaw last night. The house sure is quiet without her. I really missed her, but she got back this morning around 9:30. As soon as she got here, we headed to Little Gym for her class. She has so much fun there. This weeks theme was "backwards". They did backwards rolls, walked on the beam backwards and jumped backwards. She did really good. She always makes me so proud.

After Little Gym, we ran a few errands and then headed home. We spent the afternoon hanging out at the house. That included taking a nap, watching Pocahontas, and playing outside with Ace & Dixie. I filled up a few water balloons for Megan, and after she popped those, she played with the water hose...Dixie had the most fun with the hose. Dixie is a crazy little dog when it comes to water. It's hard to keep her out of the hose. Below are a few pictures of today's adventures in the backyard.


Did you catch anything?

Jarrad bought Meg a new Disney Princess fishing pole at Cabela's on Sunday. She loves playing with it in the backyard. She's learning how to cast and should be a pro soon.

I was so proud of her last night at swimming lessons...she floated on her back all by herself. It was such an amazing thing to watch. She also swam 10 feet from the edge of the pool to an "island" in the middle of the pool. I'm really glad that we kept her in swimming lessons this summer and are continuing them this fall/winter.


Brylie's b-day party

One of Megan's friends, Brylie, had her 4th birthday party this weekend. It was the sweetest party. Her party was at the sweetest little tea room I've ever seen. The girls all got to dress up as princesses and then have tea. They even had a short "parade" ouside in the dress up clothes.

The Birthday Girl

Princess Megan


I know - I've been MIA. Work blocked blogger, so I couldn't work on it during the day. And, honestly, working at a computer when I get home is the last thing I want to do...but, I promise to keep this more updated going forward. If I keep it updated on a regular basis, I won't feel completely overwhelmed when it's time to post something important.

So much has happened since my last blog...but, instead of bore you with words, let's talk about the most important event of the summer....MEGAN TURNED 3!!! I can't believe my sweet little angel has turned into a temper-tantrum throwing three year old. Everyone warned me about the terrible two's...funny that no one mentioned the three's. I have to say that for me, the 3's are turning out to be far worse than the two's, and I'm only one month in. Not sure we'll survive the next 11 months.

We had a princess birthday party for Meg this year. It was what she wanted...and, what ever the princess wants, the princess gets. Below are a few pictures from the party...


Princess Megan

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