Wordless Wednesday



Her own space

After the first day of being stuck in the house, Meg found her own little space for some privacy in my hamper.  Thankfully we were doing laundry so all the hampers were empty.


Meg spent a good part of the day in the hamper reading and playing with her baby dolls.  She hung her lantern from Gunner’s collar to light up the hamper so she could close the doors.  I think she really needed some time to herself. 


She was so happy to be in there and was so content to have her own little space.  I think that being cooped up in the house was starting to get to all of us, so the hamper was her little get-a-way.  


She begged me to let her sleep in there and tried to prove to me that it was comfortable.  She did get her way, she actually fell asleep in there, but Jarrad moved to her to her room before we went to bed. 



Canvas photos

My office recently moved to a new location, so I have been on the lookout for some decorations for my new office (actually, it’s a cube).  I knew I wanted to find a cute way to display pictures of Meg and the dogs, but didn’t want to use boring photo frames. 
Meg and I went to Michael’s for some supplies to create canvas prints.  I had originally planned on doing 5x7 prints, but found some 6x6 canvases and fell in love with them.  With a little scrapbook paper, mod podge and pictures, I was able to create some great canvas prints. 

***three canvases***

***one layer of mod podge***

***mod podge – matte***

***scrapbook paper and photo applied***IMG_7313

***mod podge starting to dry***IMG_7314

***the final product***
I love how the canvases turned out and think I will make some for the house.  Meme already asked me to create one for her with pictures of Megan and Luke. 

4th snow day

Today is our 4th snow day.  The roads have been so horrible here that all area schools have been closed every day this week except on Monday.  Meg was very excited the first day, but by the end of the second day, she was crawling the walls.  She wanted to get out of the house so bad that I was able to talk her into going to work with me on Thursday. 

Thursday morning, Meg and I went to my office in downtown Fort Worth.  There was hardly anyone on the roads, so the traffic was ok.  There were ruts in the ice where others had ventured to work, so I stayed in those and took my time. 

It was good for both Meg and me to get out of the house.  We were starting to go stir crazy. 

This morning, we woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground.  It was beautiful, but short lived.  It started melting early afternoon.  It was beautiful while it lasted, but I’m ready for the warmer weather.  As a Texan, I’m not built to handle the frigid temperatures that have been with us for the past four days. 


***our backyard***

***a beautiful white blanket***

***the dogs didn’t want to go outside, I had to make them***

***dog prints***

***frozen furniture***

***the view out my front door***

***already melting on the patio***IMG_7340


A cold start

February has gotten off to a cold, cold, cold start.  The early morning of Feb 1, we had thunderstorms with snow and sleet.  Meg was excited because she got a “snow day” from school. 

Jarrad had the day off and wasn’t able to slide out of the driveway, so he and Meg played outside for a while.  I was working, so only stepped outside long enough to snap a few pictures. 


Unfortunately, it was only ice and not snow, so there wasn’t any snowmen being built or snowballs being thrown.  Meg was able to slide down our driveway on a rubber made storage bin lid.  She seemed to like that. 


I love Jarrad in this shot.  He was actually adjusting his hat, but it looks like he’s excited about Meg coming down the driveway. 


We are living in a frozen world these first few days.  The temperature isn’t supposed to reach above freezing until Saturday.  Friday we are scheduled to get snow.  We can’t wait. 


Don’t want to forget…

It seems that I always have more to post than time to post about it.  Here are a few things I don’t want to forget from January 2011. 

This is a sign at QT.  It reads “WARNING:  Quik Trip gasoline is not intended for use in aircraft engines.”  Really, I don’t recall seeing any aircrafts pulling up.  Very random! 



Words with Friends is a huge distraction.  I usually have about 20 games going at once.  I love every play – especially when I score big.  I love winning. 

IMG_7027 copy


Flat Stanley came to visit us very briefly. 

IMG_7055 copy


We spent one Saturday morning skating at the rink. 

IMG_7122 copy


We ventured to the Fort Worth Science museum after our day at the rodeo. 



Meg played with the twins…a lot!



We bought a new TV and had to wait a week for it to be delivered. 



I cleaned out my junk drawer in the kitchen – it was a disaster!!!


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