Better late than never

Meg and I spent my birthday weekend in SA for Leah’s wedding.  Meg and I headed to SA on Thursday after work.  Meg was very excited to be able to skip school on Friday and I was glad to have her with me.  We got in pretty late so we said our hellos to Meme and Poppy then headed straight to bed. 

Friday, we got up to run a few errands with Poppy.  Meme had to work, but we were able to meet her for lunch.  Friday night, the Middleton’s came up.  Jamie is so thoughtful.  She brought me flowers, a birthday card and a delicious cake!  We had a great time visiting with them.  I miss them so much. 

Since Leah was getting married on Saturday, I offered to watch Luke for Taylor and Ruth for the weekend.  Mom and dad picked him up on Friday night after rehearsal dinner and we had the handsome little guy for the rest of the weekend.  Meg was such a big helper with him.  I couldn’t have done it without her.

***Meg and Luke driving in the hummer***

***Luke coloring****


***Duncan taking a nap in the front yard***

***I love this picture.  It looks like Luke is coming to tell on Meg.***IMG_7658

***Such a handsome little guy***

***Getting ready for Leah’s wedding***

I had a wonderful birthday weekend and wouldn’t have dreamed of spending it any other way! 


March 2011 Recap

March was a great month.  Although, it went by entirely too fast.  I’m sad at how fast Meg seems to be growing up. 

On the first Saturday of the month, Jarrad and I took Meg bowling at Alley Cats.  Meg had a blast and beat both of us.  She scored 113, I scored 89 and Jarrad scored 85. 

***the score – game 1***

***waiting for her ball to hit the pins***

***this was how Meg would wait for her ball to be returned***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After we bowled, we let Meg play a few games and earn some tickets.  She also decided she wanted to climb the wall.  This was her first time and I was surprised she did as well as she did.  She didn’t go all the way up, but she did her best. 





For Spring Break, Meme and Poppy came up for a long weekend visit.  They came up on a Friday night and stayed through Tuesday.  On Saturday afternoon, we headed down to the stock yards for the cattle drive.   We were unaware that we would also get to see the Stock Yards St. Patty’s Day parade.  Mom and dad had never seen the cattle drive, so this was a first for them. 




Meg also pulled another tooth in March.  At this point, she had only lost 4 teeth.  Her and Poppy were sitting on the back porch when she pulled it. 





We also bought Meg some speed skates in March.  She has started speed skating practice on Sundays and is really enjoying it.  The skates were a little uncomfortable and took some getting used to, but she’s really starting to enjoy them now. 




Jackson and Leigh Ann also came in for another visit.  Jackson has changed so much since the last time we saw him.  We went over to Boompaw and Nawnaw’s for dinner and a visit.  Nick, Michelle and Parker even joined us.  The only people missing were Aunt Stacy & Uncle Bryan. 

***Meg & Jack**

***Jackson & Parker***

***Parker, Jackson & Megan***

***my first attempt at the three cousins****IMG_7629

We will definitely have to work on the group shot. 


February 2011 Recap

Since I’ve been a rotten blogger, I’m going to recap February in one post. 

We’ve been very, very busy this year.  I’m still trying to get used to working full time in an office, so I’m trying to find a balance.  My plan is to blog twice a week going forward.  I hope I can keep it up.  I love reading over my blog posts from the past.  Meg is growing up so fast and I’m so glad I have this as a way to look back.

So, on to February.  We got off to a very, very cold start in February.  I believe we had five days in a row that we never even got above freezing.  In Texas, that is unheard of. 

I snapped this picture of Meg and Gunner while we were trapped in the house because of the weather.  Meg wanted to get out so bad (of course, so did I).  She wanted to get out so bad that she kept asking us when she was going to get to go to school again. 



Meg started jump roping in February.  I let her practice in the living room.  So far, we haven’t had any broken lamps or light fixtures. 



We were also able to spend some time with Jackson and Leigh Ann when they came to visit Boompaw and Nawnaw.  I love the picture below.  Meg and Jackson look so goofy and Boompaw is totally unaware. 



We also had to buy Meg a new bike in February.  This was a long time overdue.  We’ve been putting it off for as long as possible.  She was so excited to go bike shopping.  I hope this one will last her for a few years. 



Even though the month started off so cold, we were able to enjoy a few days outside enjoying some beautiful days.  Meg still loves to color with chalk, so we spend a lot of time in the driveway drawing hearts and rainbows. 


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