Photoshoot with Gunner

We love having Gunner around the house. Yes, there are times when he's obnoxious, overpowering, overwhelming, over the top, but, we LOVE him. When he's not running around like a crazy puppy (yes, he's still only a puppy - 9 months), he's the sweetest thing in the world (well, almost as sweet as Dixie).

I was giving Meg a bath a few weeks ago and he was in the bathroom with us. I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a few (OK, a lot) pictures of this sweet little guy.

At first, he was a willing subject. He may have been thinking that I was crazy since I was laying down in front of him with my camera, but I guess he didn't mind.

As the session went on, he was sick of posing for me and decided that he would curl up for a quick nap.
Because of the crazy camera lady, a nap was out of the question. He decided he would just pose a little while longer. I think he was hoping that the craziness would stop sooner rather than later. Obviously, he doesn't know me very well.
At this point, I think he's had enough...but, I keep shooting. I'm hoping to get at least one GREAT shot.

Seriously, I could tell he was over this. But, just one more shot...
And, there - I got a GREAT shot. I think it's great anyway.
After the great shot, he tries to take another nap....
...not going to happen!
At this point, he sits up - he's had enough!

And then, the barking starts...I'm pretty sure he was telling me to put my camera away or else...

...of course, I had to snap a few more pictures before I put the camera away for the evening.



Kindergarten Update

So, Meg has not exactly had what I'd like to call a good start to her education. She was so excited about her first day of Kindergarten, but things changed as the week progressed. Her first day wasn't good (we got a note home). As I learned at open house, Meg wasn't having a good experience at all.

Jarrad and I talked about her school situation and decided to give it a week. However, as the week went on, Meg was slowing changing. She was becoming secretive and withdrawn. This was the second week of school, and I could tell that Meg was breaking. She just wasn't herself. Every night, I would lay in bed trying to figure it out.

Monday of her second week was her birthday. She had a "good" day at school. However, on Tuesday, she got a frowning face because she "threw a tantrum on the floor". I didn't get any explanation as to what the fit was about, but decided it was just a bad day. Wednesday, she got card pulls for "not following directions" which resulted in a frowning face.

When I picked Meg up on Thursday, Meg was crying and upset...this was the icing on the cake...on Meg's behavior sheet, I got a note a short jotted down "note" that read "kicked ms mchugh". That was it...nothing else, no explanation, no call home, no detailed note with the situation. When I asked Meg about it, she didn't want to talk about it. I kept pressing and she wouldn't tell me why, but she did tell me that her teacher "was picking on her and bullying her."

I immediately called up to the school to speak to the principal again. Unfortunately, she wasn't available, but her secretary did tell me that she would either have the principal call me on Friday or schedule an appointment.

Long story short, I spoke to the vice principal and principal. They both agreed that the current situation wasn't working and suggested that we move Megan to a new class. So, that was exactly what we did.

Megan started with her new teacher Mrs. Kelly on Tuesday after Labor Day. Meg is her old self again and doing AWESOME in her new class. I couldn't be happier that I followed my instincts. Meg is now having the kindergarten experienced that I had hoped she'd have.


A late Labor Day weekend post

This year, we headed out to the ranch for labor day weekend. We left out on Saturday around noon. Meg was super excited about going to the ranch so she could shoot her new BB gun from her Daddy.

On our way out, we had to stop at Tractor Supply Company to pick up some corn. Meg was thrilled when Jarrad asked her if she wanted to go in with him to pick up some corn. When they walked out of the store, the smile on her face was priceless. She was so happy to be riding on the corn with her daddy pushing.

***Meg and Daddy coming out of TSC***
Once we made it to the ranch, and Jarrad made the circle around the house to check for snakes, we unloaded the truck, and Meg got her first lesson with her new BB gun. She did very well and really listened to Jarrad's instruction.
***Daddy and his student***

***Doesn't he look manly with his pink BB gun***

***checking the safety***

***ready, aim, fire***

On Sunday, Kyle & Sheryl joined us at the ranch for a short visit. When they got there, we were shooting clay pigeons. We helped them unload their cars, had a quick bite for lunch, then headed back to the side of the house for some more shooting.
***Meg tried so hard to shoot a clay pigeon***


***such a cutie***

***Kyle & Sheryl shooting clay pigeons. Kyle was shooting if Sheryl missed***
Sunday afternoon, we headed out to go bird hunting. Unfortunately, nothing was flying, so we didn't have any luck. We ended up driving around for a little while, then headed back to the house for a VERY late dinner. We didn't sit down to eat until 9:30. We were all starving.
Monday morning, Kyle, Sheryl & I got up for the morning hunt. We didn't have good luck in the morning either, although, Kyle did shoot a few. After the hunt, we headed back to the house to get Jarrad and Megan (they slept in that morning). Kyle cooked his infamous Carne Guisada for breakfast. It was so delicious.
After breakfast, we went out to fill the feeders. It worked out great, because I didn't have to help...Kyle got to do my job (opening the bags and handing them to Jarrad).

***Kyle, Meg & Jarrad filling feeders***

***peace out***

After we finished filling feeders, we loaded up the cars and had to head home. I wish we could have stayed longer with Kyle & Sheryl, but I'm glad they were able to come up.
***Gunner sleeping in the car***

***Dixie sleeping on Meg***


Meg's gift from Daddy

This year for Meg's birthday, Jarrad got Meg her very own pink Daisy BB gun. She was so excited when she opened it. Jarrad sure knew how to make her day.

***Meg getting ready to open her gift******Tearing the paper***

***Meg and Daddy with her new BB gun***


Oh! What a Party!

Meg loved Pump It Up so much last year, that she decided she wanted to have her party there again this year. She had such a great birthday. She loved every last minute of it. Everyone had a great time...the adults sometimes seemed to be having as much (or more) fun than the kiddos.

***Meg getting ready to go into the bounce house***

***Meg being sassy***

***Meg and me coming down the big slide***

***What a goofy girl***

***having a blast***

***my BFF and me***

***Happy Birthday Meg***

***Thanking all of her guests***

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