Spring Break part 5

Thursday afternoon, Megan and I met Nawnaw in Grapevine to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We ate outside and just walked from shop to shop.  IMG_8939

That night was so beautiful that we decided to open up a bottle of wine and head to the backyard.  Some of my favorite memories are sitting on the back porch watching Megan play and swing on her swing set while the dogs run around. 

IMG_9042  IMG_8993 IMG_8995 IMG_9001 IMG_9023

Spring Break part 4

Megan and I drove home from San Antonio on Wednesday.  We both missed Daddy and were ready to see him.  It was St. Patrick’s Day, so we decided to go out for some green beer. 


Megan got to pinch Jarrad a few times since he wasn’t wearing any green ;)  You can tell from the pictures below how excited Megan was to see Jarrad.  IMG_2008IMG_2007


Spring Break part 3

Being in SA is always so much fun.  I miss it so much sometimes, and would love to move back, but I know that our lives are here and wouldn’t change that for the world. 

We spent Sunday with Taylor, Ruth, Luke and friends and family for Luke’s dedication.  The day turned out to be beautiful.  IMG_8373IMG_8393IMG_8428

Tuesday, we got to hang out with Kyle and Sheryl.  They made a special trip to mom and dad’s just to visit us.  We went to lunch, then went looking at model homes.  K&S are in the process of remodeling, so they were looking for ideas :)      IMG_1975

Tuesday evening, Taylor, Ruth & Luke came over for dinner.  Unfortunately, K&S had to leave before dinner, so they weren’t there. 

I can’t believe how fast Luke is growing!  He’s crawling all over and starting to walk.  Taylor and Ruth are definitely going to have their hands full with this little monster :)  IMG_8846  IMG_8840IMG_1981 

A trip to SA wouldn’t be complete without a few pictures of the dogs. 

***the old man – Gauge***IMG_8298 copy***Gunner (left) and Duncan (right) fighting over Poppy (center)*** IMG_8315 copy IMG_8317 copy     ***the princess, Dixie***IMG_8333


Spring Break part 2

Monday of Spring Break, Megan and I met our good friends Laura & Lauren at Sea World for the day.  When we woke up that morning, I was disappointed to see that it was overcast and a little chilly outside.  Of course, that didn’t stop us. 
Since it was Spring Break, we planned to meet up with Lauren & Laura at Sea World as soon as it opened.  I completely misjudged traffic, so Megan and I arrived super early. 
We saw all the shows, had some lunch, tried to pet the dolphins and played in the cargo nets.  It was a great day. 
***Meg at the entrance*** IMG_8438
***Meg & Shamu*** IMG_8439
***Megan & Lauren*** IMG_8442
***The girls were so happy to spend the day with each other***     IMG_8447
***Being goofy outside of Shamu stadium*** IMG_8496***Finally, they posed for a picture***IMG_8498
***The BIG Whale*** IMG_8529
***The “little” Whale*** IMG_8564
***No splash zone for me thanks!*** IMG_8572 IMG_8573
***Megan and me***IMG_1953    
***Laura and Lauren***IMG_1964


Spring Break part 1

IMG_8190 copy

Megan and I packed up our car on Saturday morning for the drive to SA for Meg’s spring break.  She was so excited to be heading down to see her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin Luke :) 

As soon as we got to SA and unloaded the car, we went outside to visit.  It was a beautiful day and we didn’t want to be stuck inside.  Meg decided she wanted to go for a swim and did

Meg decided that even though it was too cold for swimming that it was still warm enough to run around in her new swim suit that Meme bought her. 

IMG_8276 copyAfter realizing  it was too cold for swimming, she decided she was hungry.  Meme volunteered to run in and make her a sandwich.  When Meme asked her what kind of sandwich she wanted, Meg said “a cheeto sandwich”.  Which, is exactly what she got.  She’s so weird.   


We stayed outside for a little while enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  It was nice to just sit around the pool and visit with mom.  Speaking of my mother – isn’t she beautiful?  I’m so proud of her :)  You know what you’ve done mom.  Love you!   IMG_8273 copy

IMG_8324That evening, Landon, Carol & Dylan came over for dinner and a visit.  Landon and I have known each other our whole life.  Our parents are best friends and I am three weeks older than him.  The three weeks thing was cool when we were  younger, but not it’s not that cool.  I mean, I turned 16 first, 18 first, 21 first…that was cool, but turning 30 first NOT COOL! 

IMG_8325Dylan was born in November (the week of Thanksgiving) and is the sweetest, most laid back baby I’ve ever seen.  And, Landon & Carol are so calm when it comes to parenting!  You’d never know they’re first time parents.  They seem like old pros! 

Meg loved seeing Dylan.  She’s so gentle and loves, loves, loves babies.  Dylan was no exception.  Before they left, we let her hold him.  She was so proud. 

 IMG_8334 copy


Sneak preview of Spring Break Twenty Ten

We went to San Antonio
IMG_8273 copy 

We had dinner with wonderful friends!
IMG_8334 copy

We made a trip to Sea World

We had spent some time in Grapevine!

We enjoyed some wonderful weather…

And some not so wonderful weather!  (Yes, snow)IMG_9078
Now that my computer if fixed, I will post all about our adventures for Meg’s first Spring Break!



I have so much to blog about, but have encountered a few problems with my computer!  Hope to be back blogging soon! 

Here are a few things I want to blog about!
Spring Break 2010
Sea World
SA Visit


Yes, she did!

Yes, it was warm enough for a swim!   Meg took the plunge and went for a swim on Saturday afternoon. 

I counted to three.  IMG_8219 copy 

And Meg plunged into the pool.  IMG_8220 copy 

As soon as she hit the water, I could tell she was cold.  IMG_8222 copy

She didn’t have enough momentum to carry herself across the pool…IMG_8224 copy

…so she had to go under.  IMG_8226 copy

She was so cold I thought I was going to have to throw Meme in after her.  IMG_8228 copy

I would have jumped in to save her…IMG_8229 copy 

…but who would have taken pictures? IMG_8231 copy

Lucky for Meme, she made it to the steps safely. IMG_8232 copy

She decided no more swimming.    IMG_8233 copy

She would rather be wrapped up in a towel.  IMG_8236 copy

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