Thank you, Officer!

On Wednesday, Meg and I had to run up to Radio Shack to buy a wireless phone jack because directv was coming out to install a DVR. I thought they were coming on Friday, but nope, I was wrong. So, I loaded Meg up into the car and off we went.

Imagine my shock when I look in the rear-view mirror and see a cop. It's like he knows I've just looked up because he immediately turns on his lights. I am at a stop sign, so I pull thru the intersection and pull over to the side of the road. He proceeds to give me a ticket for speeding...

I write all of this as a preface to the story I'm about to tell.

Last night, we were at my SIL's for my MIL's birthday celebration. Well, cute little Meg has this conversation with everyone at the party...

Meg: My mommy got to meet a police officer.
Audience: Really?
Meg: Yes. He pulled her over because she was speeding.
Audience: That's not good.
Meg: I know. But, my mom got signed up.
Audience: Laughter.

Meg thinks I signed up when I was signing the ticket. What she thinks I signed up for is beyond me. Maybe I'm going to the officer's ball...do they really have those?

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It happened...

...Meg ditched me for her friends last night!!!

That's right, I've been replaced as her favorite person to play with by the neighborhood kids. It's so bitter sweet. I knew one day it would happen, I just didn't expect it would happen when she was four...I thought I had at least 10 years before I became second.

Meg & I were loaded up into the car to run to Target. As we were backing down the driveway, she saw her friends out playing...she asked me as nice as possible "Mommy, can I play with my friends and you can go to Target tomorrow?" I reluctantly agreed since Target could wait. We pulled back into the garage and she couldn't wait for me to unbuckle her. As she ran down the driveway and over to her friends house, it hit me - my little girl is growing up. and fast.

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A twist on a fairy tale...

I received this from a girlfriend!!! I love it. Click on the picture below to enlarge.

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Today, Meg had a golf lesson. For her birthday, Poppy bought her a set of golf clubs. It must have been meant to be, because when he went to get the clubs, they had a set of clubs in her size...but, the salesman told Poppy that they would have to order them because they only had a set of left handed clubs. I say it must have been meant to be because Meg is a lefty.
So, Poppy bought her the clubs and she was most excited.

Today, she had a lesson with Jerry (the golf pro at Poppy's club). She did really well. She listened and did as she was told. She was very excited about the lesson and talked about it most of the day.

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I miss my family!!!

I had to travel for work this week and I miss my family terribly!!!

Jarrad is in Mansfield taking care of our pets and working. Meg is in San Antonio "babysitting" Meme and Poppy.

Jarrad & Megan - I miss you both more than I can say!!! I love you both. Meg, I'll see you tomorrow night. Jar, I'll see you Sunday afternoon.

Love to both.

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Happy Birthday Jarrad!

Happy Birthday my sweet husband!!!

I love you!

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Remember this post...about how horrible shots were?!?

Then, you won't believe this!

Poor Meg had a reaction to one of her immunizations. Her leg was bright red, swollen, and feverish. Meg spent the night on Thursday with her grandparents, so I didn't even know about it until after they dropped her off on Friday night. Around 9:00, we were getting ready for bed and she took off her pants and her leg was the first thing I saw. I freaked out!!! She claimed it didn't hurt, but it looked very painful. So, I called the after hours nurse to find out what I needed to do. By 9:45, I was applying warm and cold compresses for 15 minutes each for the next 1.5 hours.

On Saturday morning, it wasn't any better. I ended up taking her to the Urgent care. They told me to to give her Benadryl and Motrin (if there was any discomfort). The Benadryl seemed to do the trick, because today it looks so much better!

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It was horrible!

I should say that again!


The screaming was horrific.

The tears were huge.

The fright in her eyes was unbearable!

I wanted to punch someone. In the face.

It was the day I was dreading.

It was the day I didn't want to come.

But, it came.

It happened.

And she had to suffer through it.

Yes, it was the dreaded 4-year check up.

5 shots!


Meg - I'm so sorry I had to hold you down while the nurse stuck you FIVE times!


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Every year on Meg's birthday (or as close to her birthday as possible), I take her to Build-a-Bear. She loves going. This year, she picked out a cheetah and named it after one of her friends, Brylie. We were also lucky enough to have Uncle Kyle & Aunt Sheryl with us.

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