We love the Ft. Worth Zoo

Last Saturday, Megan and I met Nawnaw at the zoo for the day. It turned out to be a perfect day for visiting the zoo even though there was rain in the forecast. It didn't rain a drop at the zoo and I think the forecast really helped with the attendance. Meg, Nawnaw and I have zoo passes, so we figured if it rained or was to crowded we would just leave.

We met at the zoo around 11:00 and left around 2:30. I'm so glad we got the zoo passes this year. I don't feel like we have to see everything at each visit. Spending all day at the zoo with Meg can be a challenge because she starts to get tired of walking around and wants to be carried. She's to heavy for me to carry longer than five or ten minutes because of my surgery, so it's a constant battle.

***The Orangutans******Mandrill Monkey***

***Nawnaw & Meg***
***This blue-billed duck was absolutely beautiful***

***the pink flamingo***

***Meg and a bronze Kangaroo statue***

***this little penguin was absolutely adorable.
He just stood in front of the glass window letting everyone take pictures***

We had a great time at the zoo and are looking forward to many more trips!!!


A video of Meg bowling

Alley Cats

Last Friday, Jarrad and I took Megan bowling for the very first time. We gave her the option of putt-putt golf or bowling....guess you know which she chose. She had such a good time. We had the bumpers up on the lanes after about the 2nd or 3rd time she bowled because she kept rolling them into the gutter.

At one point, she told Jarrad that the bowling shoes were "very comfortable". She cracks me up. I was able to snap a few pictures...although, they didn't turn out very well (my battery was going dead). Even though the pictures aren't great, we all had a blast. I can't believe we waited so long to take her bowling.

Meg even bowled two strikes.

***Meg and Mommy***

***Meg getting ready to bowl. If you look down the lane, you'll notice there are only a few pins left standing...she did so good!***

***the scoreboard***



She can be so silly

I keep Meg home on Wednesdays because she has dance class (and, honestly...because I can). She definitely helps my work day go by faster and I love having her home. On this particular day, she had just finished a bowl of graped and decided that instead of putting her bowl in the sink where it belongs, that she would use it as an accessory.

What a goofy girl I have!!!


Happy Anniversary!!!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I didn't get a card in the mail, so consider this it :)

Happy Anniversary - 38 years! I love you both!


We are so proud of you!!!

Last night, Meg graduated from pre-K at The Children's Courtyard. I still can't believe my baby is going to be in kindergarten next year!

Children's Courtyard did graduation ceremony for the pre-K classes. The teachers worked very hard with all of the students to put together a great program. They said the Pledge of Allegiance, then did that alphabet in sign language. After that they sang You Are My Sunshine, followed by a dance to "Cha Cha Slide". The actually performed the "Cha Cha Slide" twice (once on the stage, and once on the floor). After the dancing, the children lined up to have their 15 seconds of fame where each child was given the microphone to tell the audience what they want to be when they grow up...Meg wants to be a nurse (here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhfdvX4YbEk). Right before it was over, all of the children walked across the stage to receive their diploma. It was so adorable!!!

I am so proud of Megan and all that she has learned this year. I am not excited about her starting kindergarten, but know that I can't hold her back. I love you sweet girl!!!

***Meg's cap & gown picture***

***dancing the "Cha Cha Slide"***

***more dancing***

***receiving her diploma***

***admiring her diploma***

***we are so proud of you***

***the proud parents and graduate***

Video of Meg swimming


Swimming at Meme and Poppy's

While Meg and I were in San Antonio, we jumped in the pool. It was a little chilly at first, but was quite refreshing after I got used to it. Of course, Meg jumped right in and told me I was silly for thinking it was cold.

I remember as a kid swimming at my neighbor's house. As long as the water temp was above 78, we would swim and swim and swim. As an adult, I'd prefer the temperature of a pool to be around 90. I wonder when the change occurred.

Here are a few pictures of Meg while we were swimming. I still love my camera and can't believe I survived without it for so long.

***Meg and Dixie posing pretty for the camera******Meg jumped into the pool "belly flop" style and this was what her eyebrows looked like***

***she loves to swim***
I will post video tomorrow of her swimming. I hope by the end of the summer she'll be a champ!



We will miss you!!!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. A few weeks ago, our black lab got sick and passed away. Over the last six years, he has brought us a love that will never be forgotten.

Ace, we love you and will always remember you in our hearts! Thank you for all your "sloppy sugars" and drooling all over my floors after you took a drink. Thank you for sleeping with Meg every night to fight off the monsters and all the bad things in the night. Thank you for being such a wonder brother to Megan and Dixie. Thank you for always letting Dixie win when we played fetch (we all knew that you were much faster than her, but you always let her win). Thank you for the laughs you brought into our lives. We will always love you!!!

***Meg & Ace in November, 2008***
On Saturday, Meg decided she wanted to buy a balloon to give to you. She wanted us to tie a note to the balloon so you would know that she loves you. I wrote the note for her and she signed it. I think her note says it all!!!
***the note***

***The balloon***

***before Meg let go of the balloon, she reminded Ace of how much she loves him***

***letting go***

***one squeeze***

***Ace, we love you***

More Pictures with Luke

***Proud Poppy holding his grandson***
***smile Poppy***
***Megan and Taylor***
***Megan holding Luke for the first time*** ***So beautiful***
***Luke was crying, so Meg was covering her ears******Luke crying***
***the new Daddy feeding his son***
***Meg, Meme and Luke***
***Meg and Meme admiring Luke***
***I love this pic***
***Proud Meme, holding Luke***

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