Christmas at Boompaw's & Nawnaw's

Saturday after Christmas, Jarrad flew back to the metroplex to work for a little while and Meg & I drove home with all of our stuff from San Antonio.  We were scheduled to be at Luke & Patty's for dinner and a sleep over that night.  Our plans were to celebrate Christmas with the Ramsey side of the family. 

On Sunday morning, we woke up for some coffee and pull-apart cake.  While we were visiting, the door bell rang.  Imagine our surprise when Santa walked in the door.  Meg was so cute with him.  She helped him pass out all of the presents that he brought with him.  We all must have been good this year :) 

After Meg helped pass out presents, she gave Santa the biggest hug.  It was so cute.  She loves Santa and was so into him this year.  She sat next to him while he enjoyed a cup of coffee and visited with her. 

***Meg with Santa***

***Mrs. Ho Ho Ho, Megan, Boompaw, Santa & Nawnaw***

***Meg opening her present from Santa***

***sweet picture***

***Meg opening up her stocking***

***a beautiful necklace***

Nawnaw and Boompaw, that you for making this Christmas such a wonderful experience. 


Christmas Day

We were in San Antonio for Christmas 2009.  Christmas morning I woke up around 6:30 to help mom and dad get everything started for Christmas lunch.  Mom and I had done most of the prep on Christmas Eve day, but there were still a few little things left to do.  So, I was up bright and early to help. 

Around 7:45, Meg came out of the back bedrooms...she was so excited to see what Santa had brought her.  She is always so timid first thing on Christmas morning.  She walked into the living room, very slowly, taking everything in before deciding what to play with first. 

***deciding what to play with first***

She decided to check out the new bed that Santa brought for Reagan.  It was definitely an American Girl Christmas for Megan this year.  Her Nina bought her a changing table for Rachael (her AG itty bitty baby).  Meme and Poppy gave her a crib for Rachael.  Santa brought her a bed for Reagan, a night stand (complete with phone, lamp, note pad and pencil). 

***Meg checking out Reagan's bedroom stuff***

***she was very happy about all of her Santa stuff***

Santa also brought her some pajamas that matched Reagan's pajamas.  Meg went and changed into them as soon as she saw them. 

I was able to get a few great shots of Meme, Poppy, Meg & Luke.  I wish I had moved and put the tree in the background.  But, I think the pictures turned out GREAT.  This group is easy to photograph - they're all so photogenic. 

***This is my favorite***

Mom rarely has any true surprises for Christmas.  I help dad out by doing his shopping for him.  This year, Taylor actually called me to tell me that he had found the moose glasses from Christmas Vacation online.  Ever since that movie came out, Mom has said she wanted some.  So, I ordered her a set of two.  She was so excited to get them.  I would be willing to say that they were her favorite gift this year. 

It was a fantastic Christmas!


Getting ready for Santa

Before Megan went to bed on Christmas Eve, she had to get ready for Santa and his reindeer.  The first thing she did was put out her reindeer food.  She sprinkled on the front step and sidewalk.  She was so excited I could hardly get her to agree to taking a picture first. 

***Getting ready to put out the reindeer food***

***sprinkling the reindeer food***

Of course, we had to put Santa's key out for him.  We wanted to make sure that he would be able to get into the house.  Even though mom and dad have a chimney and fireplace, Meg wanted to leave out the key.  She said it was because we had a fire chimney and didn't want Santa to get burnt.  What a smart little one. 

***Meg after she hung the key on the door***

***Meg and mommy before bed***

***Meg, Daddy & Mommy***


Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve for the Wray family was at my parent's house this year.  Dad, Jarrad and Taylor cooked some ribs and chicken for dinner and mom and I threw togetfer some bad ass beans.  Aunt Lanie, Uncle Steve, Stephanie, Tom (Steph's fiance), and his mom and sister joined us for dinner and Christmas Eve celebrations.  It was great to see everyone. 

In keeping our family Christmas traditions alive, Meg decorated cookies for Santa.  It turned out to be a big hit with everyone.  We decorated and ate cookies after dinner. 

***decorating cookies with Uncle Steve***

***the beginning of a gold star***

***family gathered around the table***

***beautiful cookies***

***Steph and Meg decorating cookies***

***Poppy supervising***

***Aunt Lanie gave Meg a key for Santa for Christmas***

***Uncle Steve and Meg being goofy***

***Poppy & Big Unk***


SA Visit for Christmas

Meg and I drove to San Antonio the Saturday before Christmas to spend the week with my parents.  Friday night before we left was a little rough for Megan...she was up with a horrible cough, a sore throat, a fever, and just not feeling well at all. 

The car had already been loaded up with all of our stuff for the trip to SA, so Meg and I decided to make the drive down to SA.  Once we got there, Meme and I decided to take Megan to Good Night Pediatrics to see if she had sore throat.  I had a suspicion that she did.  Tests confirmed what we already knew.  So, it was off to Walgreens to get her antibiotics and some more Motrin. 

After getting off to a somewhat rough start with our visit to SA, the rest of the week was wonderful.  One day, we kept my adorable nephew, Luke.  He's such a great baby.  Meg had so much fun helping me babysit him.  She fed him his morning bottle and his lunch.  She played on the floor with him.  It was so great to see her interacting with him.  Luke loved it when Meg pretended to sneeze.  She's a GREAT big cousin. 

That evening, Mom and Dad took all of us (except Jarrad) to see the Lion King at the Majestic Theater.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  I found myself watching Meg often - her expressions were great.  She had a wonderful time.  The next morning when she woke up, she told me that she dreamed all night about the Lion King. 

***Meg and Luke in front of the Christmas tree***

***Dixie laying in front of the fire place***

***Meg feeding Luke is morning bottle***

***Lunch time with Luke***

***Isn't he adorable***


Christmas at home

This year, we celebrated Christmas on Friday night before we went to San Antonio.  We started out by going out to dinner, then came back to the house to open presents.  Meg wasn't feeling all that great, but had a blast opening presents. 

We had so much fun watching her open all her gifts this year. 

She bought Jarrad a Nerf gun (and one for her) for Christmas this year.  The guns were one of the first gifts opened.  Meg was so excited when Jarrad opened his.  They played with their guns all night, like two little kids. 

***Meg getting ready to pass out the presents***

***Meg's Nerf gun***

***so excited***

***Meg's new Nintendo DS***

***a new scarf from mom***

***peace out***


Christmas Party for Megan's class

Megan's school Christmas party was on the last day before Christmas break.  I'm the room mom for Meg's class, so I organized the party :)  I had so much fun planning everything for a group of 20 kindergarteners. 

I brought cupcakes, treat bags and capri suns.  I also took two crafts for the kiddos to do.  They did a picture frame and a Christmas ornament.  We also played Christmas bingo.  The hour went by super fast, but they were able to do both crafts, play some bingo and have a cupcake. 

***the night before***

***the treat table***

***my goofy reindeer***

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