We are so busy!!!

A quick recap from the past week(s)...

Friday - June 19
Aaron's birthday party at Pump It Up

Saturday - June 20
Swim party at the Reeders (sorry, no pictures)

Sunday - June 21
Father's Day at Luke & Patty's
We went over to Luke & Patty's for Father's Day. Everyone had a great time. Meg stayed in the pool for hours. She's really become a great swimmer.

Next up - a week long visit to SA to pick up our new puppy!


Meet Gunner...

stay tuned for more :)


My Little Lefty

In the last 6 weeks or so, Meg has really taken to writing her letters. She still gets a few letters backwards, but she's doing so great. Right now, she's really into writing my name and Jarrad's name. She can even spell mine without asking. Its so adorable!!!

I am so proud of her.


Cousin Pictures

While we were in San Antonio, Ruth and I decided to take the kiddos to Target to get their pictures taken. We were so excited with the way they turned out!!!


Lake weekend

Friday night, Jarrad and I loaded Megan and Dixie up in the truck and headed out to the lake house after dinner with the Ramsey's to celebrate Nick's birthday.

Meg was so excited, she kept talking about fishing. About 30 minutes into the drive, I turned back to check on her and she was out like a light.
Of course, the little cat nap in the truck was just what she needed for some late night fishing. We arrived at the lake house around 11:30. By the time we unpacked and headed to the dock for some fishing it was midnight. Unfortunately, we didn't have any luck with the fish on Friday night. We finally climbed into bed around 1:45. Of course, Meg was so wired that she wouldn't stop talking or lay still. Finally, after about 30 minutes, she stayed still long enough for her to fall asleep.

***Meg fishing***

The next morning, Meg didn't get up until 10:00. After a quick breakfast, we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the dock for a morning swim. Jarrad was a wimp and wouldn't get in because it was too cold for him. The water actually felt GREAT.
***Meg ready for some swimming***
***Meg and a few other little girls***

***Meg was having a blast. I made her wear her life jacket if I wasn't in
the water. Surprisingly, she didn't fight me on it***

After our morning swim, we headed to Lunch at the Rockin S. When we got back from lunch, Jarrad finally joined us in the water. He still complained that there were a few cold spots.
***He asked me for another beer, I told him he had to smile***

***Me and Jarrad***

***Just me***

***Jarrad and Megan***

Dixie wanted us to play fetch with her while we were floating around. She kept dropping her ball on the side of the dock, then would nudge it in with her nose. It was annoying and adorable all at the same time.

***Dixie getting ready to nose the ball in***

***Sweet Megan***

***Meg and Mommy***
We had such a great time. Looking forward to more weekends at the lake house :)

Our trip to SA

Sunday morning after Meg's recital (yes, I'm very behind on blogging), Meg and I rode back to SA with Meme and Poppy because I had a follow up doctor appt for my back.

***Meg making herself very comfy in Meme's car***
We arrived in SA on Sunday night and headed to El Jarro for dinner with a few friends. It was good to see everyone. I miss SA so much :(
Monday afternoon, Ruth & Luke came over to hang out by the pool for the afternoon. Luke is getting so big (he already weighs over 11lbs and he's only 5 weeks old).
***Holding Luke***
***Meg and Aunt Cereal***


***Poppy & Luke***

***do you see the "J" on Taylor's head***

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