Easter at the ranch

Jarrad, Meg and I loaded up Joey and headed to the ranch for Easter weekend.  Meg and Dixie sat in the backseat watching movies all the way out there. 

If I’m being honest, I didn’t want to go.  I had already made plans to take Meg to Boompaw and Nawnaw’s house for Easter Sunday.  Sometimes I feel like even though I’ve made plans, it doesn’t matter.  In the end, we will do what Jarrad wants. 

Whether I wanted to go or not, we still had a good time.  Meg and Dixie love being out there with Jarrad. 


***Meg and Dixie watching movies on the way out***IMG_7684

***Pulling into the ranch – she’s so happy***

***the girls are ready to drive around***

***Sweet, sweet Dixie Belle***

More to come…I think I took over 250 pictures while we were there for less than a day!

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