Happy Birthday Colton!

Colton turned 4 last week. Yesterday, we went to his party at Seth & Suz's house. The kids had so much fun. Suzanne ordered the adorable masks (see below) for all the kids. I was surprised that all the kids were willing to wear them. They all looked so cute running around with their masks on.
Megan ate her first piece of b-day cake too. For those of you who know Meg's b-day cake eating habits, you understand why I'm mentioning it. For as long as I can remember, Meg has always demanded a piece of b-day cake at parties, then never eats it. She would take one taste and then just play with it. Well, yesterday, she ate a whole piece. Of course, on the way home she said to me "I don't want to eat cake again!" O'well, guess she'll only eat cake when she wants it.

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Darla said...

I love the masks. I bet Megan was a cutie doggie.

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