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Sorry for the hiatus in blogging. We've been out living, with no time for blog updates. However, I have started another blog. check it out. I post there almost daily, because all I have to come up with is a title :) no words needed.

So, what have we been up to? We've been busy busy busy.

A few weekends ago, Meg was invited to her friend, Brylie's 5th birthday party. It was a "Fancy Nancy" party. Darla rented "fancy" party dressed and shoes and jewelry for the party. It was a very fun party. Meg wasn't in a great mood that morning, so only dressed up for a short period of time, but still had a great time at the party.

***Brylie opening presents***

***Meg's Fancy Nancy Feet***

The day after Brylie's party, we hung out all day with daddy. When Jarrad is home, Meg loves to hang out with him. Doesn't matter what he's doing, she just wants to be with him. So, we headed to the gun range with him on Sunday morning. We met Unc and Boompaw there so they could shoot their guns. Meg and I stayed in the car, but still had fun. Meg decided to take some pictures to make the time pass. She needs to work a little on framing her subject, but got better as the day went on.

***top of mommy's head***

***The gun range***



Meg was so sweet that day. here is a picture of her when I was finally able to get the camera out of her hands. I love this girl!

So, you know after a perfect day, how children just love to keep you on your toes. Well, that's exactly what Meg did. Meg and I had to go to the mall to pick up a few dresses for her for Stacy & Bryan's wedding (more on that in another post). So, off to the mall. She was being an absolute angel. Holding my hand in the parking lot (without being asked), walking beside me in the mall, not running 40 yards in front of me, using her inside voice, etc. The perfect child...until it all came tumbling down. It was horrible. After we picked out the dresses and tried them on, she saw a cheap plastic sack (shaped like a guitar) with crap make up in it. You can guess where there melt down came...I wasn't about to pay 15 bucks for that "stuff", so I firmly told her no. And then told her again and again and again (you get the picture).

To make the situation worse, on top of the crying, she started throwing a fit (right in the store). Of course, I had to pull out my camera and snap a picture. After I paid for our merchandise, she started running from me - darting in and out of the clothes racks. I finally caught her and held her wrist for the rest of our trip to the mall. I even grounded her for the night. She wasn't allowed to go out to play with her friends or watch any TV. It worked out great because when we pulled in our driveway they were all out playing...talk about adding salt to the wound. I stood my ground and Meg had to come inside and sit in her room. All she could do was read books or play with her toys. I feel like I definitely won the battle.

Meg now has a new saying "Don't throw a fit, get whatcha want."

***Meg throwing a fit at the mall***

***She cried for over 1.5 hours***

The rest of our week was plenty uneventful. Last weekend, Stacy & Bryan were married, I will post more about that tomorrow.

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The White House said...

We missed you! Oh my word, I am so glad that you took a picture of the tantrum- too funny.

We are having a Fancy Nancy party for Avery next week- should be fun.

Chelle said...

I've missed you!!

I love the pictures--and I was cracking up that you took your camera out at the mall for pics! Lol!

Carol said...

Love the tantrum pics. These preschoolers sure are stubborn. We had a recent encounter just like it. Though I didn't have my camera handy.

Welcome back.

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