Weekend Continued (part two)

After the birthday party for AJ, we headed back to Seth & Suz's house to hang out. It wasn't planned, just spur of the moment, but we had an absolute blast!!! We had stuffed jalapenos for appetizers. Suz made the best chicken ever and we grilled some veggies along with it. It. Was. Delicious!

The kids had a great time. Suz filled up the pool and water table so they could splash around. Between playing upstairs and in the water, I think the kids all had fun, fun, fun.

Suz even caught a baby frog. Meg was so excited and asked to hold it. I was a little surprised that she wanted to hold a frog because I've tried to get her to pick one up before and she wouldn't. I guess this was different because it was a BABY frog.

Suz and I were inside getting a few things ready when I looked outside and saw the girls on the trampoline with plastic balls shoved into their swimsuits. Of course, this was a great photo op, so I had to run out to catch them in the act. Little did I know they were going to leave their "boobies" in until it was time to get out of their swim suit. It was super adorable. And, I'm sure when they're older they will hate that I have these pictures.

Suz helped the girls make a fort in the living room when the girls started getting a little tired. The fort was made, the girls climbed under and it was only a matter of time before they were out for the night.
***sleeping beauties***

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