A late Labor Day weekend post

This year, we headed out to the ranch for labor day weekend. We left out on Saturday around noon. Meg was super excited about going to the ranch so she could shoot her new BB gun from her Daddy.

On our way out, we had to stop at Tractor Supply Company to pick up some corn. Meg was thrilled when Jarrad asked her if she wanted to go in with him to pick up some corn. When they walked out of the store, the smile on her face was priceless. She was so happy to be riding on the corn with her daddy pushing.

***Meg and Daddy coming out of TSC***
Once we made it to the ranch, and Jarrad made the circle around the house to check for snakes, we unloaded the truck, and Meg got her first lesson with her new BB gun. She did very well and really listened to Jarrad's instruction.
***Daddy and his student***

***Doesn't he look manly with his pink BB gun***

***checking the safety***

***ready, aim, fire***

On Sunday, Kyle & Sheryl joined us at the ranch for a short visit. When they got there, we were shooting clay pigeons. We helped them unload their cars, had a quick bite for lunch, then headed back to the side of the house for some more shooting.
***Meg tried so hard to shoot a clay pigeon***


***such a cutie***

***Kyle & Sheryl shooting clay pigeons. Kyle was shooting if Sheryl missed***
Sunday afternoon, we headed out to go bird hunting. Unfortunately, nothing was flying, so we didn't have any luck. We ended up driving around for a little while, then headed back to the house for a VERY late dinner. We didn't sit down to eat until 9:30. We were all starving.
Monday morning, Kyle, Sheryl & I got up for the morning hunt. We didn't have good luck in the morning either, although, Kyle did shoot a few. After the hunt, we headed back to the house to get Jarrad and Megan (they slept in that morning). Kyle cooked his infamous Carne Guisada for breakfast. It was so delicious.
After breakfast, we went out to fill the feeders. It worked out great, because I didn't have to help...Kyle got to do my job (opening the bags and handing them to Jarrad).

***Kyle, Meg & Jarrad filling feeders***

***peace out***

After we finished filling feeders, we loaded up the cars and had to head home. I wish we could have stayed longer with Kyle & Sheryl, but I'm glad they were able to come up.
***Gunner sleeping in the car***

***Dixie sleeping on Meg***

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