Labor Day Weekend

…better late than never!

This year we headed to the ranch for Labor Day weekend with the Sorenson Family.  Originally, we were supposed to head out on Friday, but Jarrad came down with a stomach bug.  I really thought we were going to have to cancel the whole trip, but by Saturday morning, Jarrad felt better and we headed out.  Seth, Suzanne and the kids met us out there.  I didn’t tell Meg that they were coming, so as we were pulling onto the ranch road, she saw their car and got super excited.  It was great. 

Both of us brought our yellow labs.  Dixie is 10 years old and Emma is 10 months old.  I was surprised that Dixie did so well with Emma, but they both just kept to themselves.  We took them both out for the afternoon hunt on Saturday.  Dixie was a fetching machine and got every bird that Jarrad shot.  Emma on the other hand, was a little gun shy and hid under the mule until Seth drug her out and took her with him. 

Dixie hunted so hard that she could barely get around, so she had to spend the rest of the weekend locked up in Joey.  She just can’t do it like she used to…poor girl!  




***Colton, Tanner and Meg***


***Meg and Tanner***


***The kiddos perch while we were hunting***


***My sweet girl***


On the second afternoon hunt, we had to have the kids fetch the birds since Dixie was out of commission.  This was such a cute scene…Tanner, Colton and Meg were around this bird.  I can only imagine the conversation that was going on was one for the memory books. 


It seemed that finally a decision had been made.  Meg picked up the bird and ran it to Jarrad as fast as she could.  The look on her face is priceless. 



***Meg, Tanner and Colton***

Meg and Tanner were pulling feathers off of birds in Jarrad’s bag.  I’m not even sure he was aware what was taking place behind his back. 



***Seth and Emma***


***Two peas in a pod***

We had a great weekend with the Sorensons and hope we can make it out there again during deer season. 

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