Meg’s Slumber Party

This year for Meg’s birthday, she decided that she wanted to have a slumber party.  Apparently, I wasn’t thinking straight when I agreed to let her invite 13 girls over to the house for an entire night.  Lucky for me, only 9 girls accepted, making the total of screaming girls 10, including Megan. 

Meg’s guests started arriving around 5:30 on Saturday night.  For dinner, Meg decided she wanted to serve burgers and chips.  My plans were to let the girls play outside until dinner was ready.  I set the formal dining room table up for the dinner.  Meg’s “theme” for her party was zebra with a teal color accent. 


After dinner, we did a project that I had picked up at Michael’s.  I bought enough for each girl to make one necklace and one bracelet.  The creations turned out very cute. 


After craft time, we opened presents and had cupcakes.  Meg got lots of great gifts from her friends and loved each gift.  I decided to make cupcakes this year instead of buying them.  Meg isn’t a sweet eater and doesn’t like icing, so this allowed me to make a few without icing.  Turns out, she didn’t even eat a cupcake at all.  She’s so goofy. 



All-in-all, it was a fantastic night; a little loud at some points, but I just sent them outside and that seemed to make the house quieter.  Thankfully, my neighbors that live behind me appeared to be out of town and we don’t have any other neighbors.  I was finally able to get them to all lay down at 12:00 and soon after, they were asleep. 


Happy birthday sweet Megan.  I hope you had an AMAZING birthday celebration. 

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