Fourth 2007 Christmas

Christmas Eve - a family tradition!

All my life, we had the tradition of spending Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house in San Antonio with my family, and a few of my mom's sister's families. It was something I always looked forward to.

Two years ago, my grandmother passed away, but we've held strong - we're still carrying on family traditions. Although, since I've gotten married, we only spend every other Christmas with my family (my brothers and cousins are all on the same schedule too). So, this year, we went to my aunt Lanie's house to celebrate Christmas Eve.

It was a great evening. We had dinner, visited, and open presents.

Another tradition we had started a few years back was a "wish ball". Every year, we all write down our wishes for the upcoming year, then the following year, we go back and read our wishes. Its so neat to do.

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