Meg's new play set

While we were in San Antonio over the holidays, a close family friend gave Megan a play set that was left in his yard by the previous home owners. Justin told us that as long as we take it apart and haul it off, we could have it. So, we went over to his house and took it apart. Dad and Jarrad did most of the work, while mom and I supervised.

After it was completely apart, we loaded it up on the trailer and brought it back to Mansfield. Jarrad and I unloaded it and stored it in our garage until today. This morning around 10:30, we started putting it back together. We were successful. It only took about 3.5 hours (with a 1/2 hour for lunch). We went to Lowe's to buy a few new swings and other little things, for now we're all set.

Megan loves it. She played on it all afternoon. Below is a picture of Jarrad and Megan. She's been telling him thank you all day long. She's so cute.

We were finally able to convince her to come in for the day. She got a bath, then curled up in daddy's lap to watch Star Wars. She didn't last five minutes! What a sweet little girl.

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