Second 2007 Christmas...

On Monday, December 17, Jarrad and I were watching TV around 9:45...below is our conversation...

Jarrad: When are we going to celebrate our Christmas?
Allison: What do you mean?
Jarrad: When are we going to open presents with us and Megan?
Allison: Oh, I was going to take all of our gifts to San Antonio and do it there?
Jarrad: We're not hauling all of our gifts to SA just to haul them back...
Allison: Well, tonight is the only night we can do it...I think I hear Meg in her room.
Jarrad: Go wake her up.

So, at 10:00pm on Monday night, we opened our family presents. It was perfect. Megan got roller skates - which was what she really wanted. She also got some clothes and a few other small gifts.

Watching Meg open up gifts was so adorable. In this picture, she said (with so much enthusiasm), "a beautiful box!" She was genuinely excited about getting a box for Christmas. I had to explain to her that the box wasn't her present. I love this child more than I could ever say!

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