What a wonderful weekend!

My parents came into town on Thursday night and stayed until Monday morning. We had such a great visit. Time always goes by too fast when they're in town.

Thursday night, we went over to Luke & Patty's house for dinner and to watch the Spurs game. We had a good time visiting with them. Luke made his famous french fries. Poppy was drooling over the fries - they're delicious I must say. Below is a picture of Jarrad and Megan at Boompaw's...i think it's a cute picture of both of them.

Poppy always comes with a list of places that we must eat...guess it's because they only eat at one place in SA, so he needs the variety when he's in Mansfield. Outback is on his list, so we went there on Friday night. It was very yummy. Below is a picture from the restaurant - Meg was being goofy, so I couldn't get a great picture. But, this picture is a good shot of my parents.

Saturday, we had a fun filled day. We spent 3.5 hours at Cabela's...yes, you read right, 3.5 hours!!! At least this time we bought something - last time I spent that amount of time out there with Jarrad, we walked out empty handed. Below is a picture of Meg with a huge stuffed moose - she wasn't very happy that I was making her take a picture with him. but, I'm the mom, so I win :) After Cabela's, we took Meme and Poppy to the Stockyards in Ft. Worth. They had never been. On our way from Cabela's to the Stockyards, Meg fell asleep in the car. Just looking at the picture below makes my neck hurt! Of course, it wasn't the best weekend...the humidity was off the charts, but we had a great time anyway. After we walked around in the stockyards, we went to dinner at Riscky's. While we were at dinner, Meg decided to put stickers all over her face - she's so goofy!
After dinner, we went down the street a little so Megan could sit on the Indian's horse. We had walked by him earlier and she didn't want to get on him, but she changed her mind. So, we had to go back.

Sunday, we had Jarrad's mom and brother and sister over to our house for Mother's Day Lunch. Meg always loves it when Nina comes over. Not only does Nina bring her lotion and lipstick every time she comes over, but she also lets Megan apply the said lipstick. But, Nina looks beautiful anyway. I had a wonderful weekend!
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