Meg's first mani/pedi

On Friday, my office closed at 3:00, so I decided to pick Meg up early from day care and drag her along while I received a pedicure. She was so good. I even got her finger and toe nails painted while we were there. She did so good. I'd like to say she did great, but we had to have two of her nails fixed because she scratched her leg and messed up her nails. It was no big deal though.

Getting her nails done was a big event. She fell asleep on the way home. Being beautiful sure is hard work!

I'm sure I'm creating a monster letting my almost 4-year old get a pedicure, but I'm glad I took her. It was a very fun mother/daughter bonding experience. She and I actually chatted the whole time we were there. She told me about everything she had done at school and then we talked about her birthday party. I keep telling her that her b-day isn't for 3 months, but she still wants to talk about it. She was telling me who she was inviting and what kind of cake she wants. It was very cute. I love this little girl!

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McMommy said...

Ohh!! Reason #63 as to why I would love to add a little daughter to the McFamily! Sigh. McDaddy just doesn't get it...the wonderful bond between a mother and her daughter over PEDICURES! :)

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