Isn't she sweet?!?

Last night, when we got home from a friend's house, I had to do a little work in my office. Imagine my sweet surprise when I walked into the kitchen only to find Meg doing the dishes! She loves to clean...it's getting her to pick up after herself that is proving to be a huge challenge!

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Darla said...

Wow, that is great have her swing by, I have a few dishes to be cleaned.

McMommy said...

Seriously?? She is an ANGEL!!! Way to go Meg!

amanda said...

oh that is sweet!! can she come to my house and teach my little love how to do the dishes?? granted she is only seven months old - but it's never too early to learn right?

happy POW :)

McMommy said...

just me....saying a little ol' Sunday Happy POW!

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