Watch Out World!


While we were at the Ranch for Easter weekend, Jarrad gave Megan a Mule driving lesson.  He taught her everything, from how to start the mule to how to put the emergency brake on before she gets out.  She did an AWESOME job with all the in-between stuff and was super excited to take us all for a ride Saturday afternoon. 

This seemed like a good idea – teaching her all the steps, but on Sunday morning, the day after her lesson, she came into Joey and asked me “Mom, where are the keys to the mule?”  I guess she wanted to take it out for a spin.  Lucky for us, Jarrad was thinking ahead and had taken the keys out. 


***Meg & Daddy on their first lap***IMG_9824

***She was close to hitting Joey, but made the turn at the last minute***IMG_9832 

***Lesson One – Complete***IMG_9842

***Proud Teacher & Student***IMG_9846

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