My Birthday at the Ranch

Jarrad, Megan and I left out of Friday for Easter weekend at the ranch.  Friday happened to be my birthday and Good Friday, so Meg was out of school and I took the day off.  Jarrad even took the day off so we could head out early.  I think he was excited about taking Joey out for the first time. 

The trip took a little longer than normal because we were pulling the trailer, but we managed to make it out to the ranch in one piece.  We unloaded and started to get the trailer leveled out.  In no time, it was set up and we were ready for the weekend.

Jarrad unloaded the mule while Meg and I played inside.   As soon as the Mule was unloaded, Meg grabbed the ladder so she could climb up into the attic.  About 20 minutes after we got situated, Meme & Poppy arrived.  Meg was so excited to give them the tour. 

She showed them the “upstairs” (bedroom), her “attic”, the bathroom, and the garage.  Meme and Poppy actually slept in the garage (there are two double bunk beds back there). 

After the tour, we went for a drive around the ranch.  We loaded up the dogs and headed down the road.  Gunner bailed ship and refused to come thru the gate.  I had to walk back and convince him that the gate wasn’t going to hurt him. 

***Gunner, not looking so convinced*** IMG_9751

***Jarrad, Poppy, Megan, Meme, Dixie & Gunner***IMG_9754

A trip to the ranch wouldn’t be complete without Dixie taking a dip in a few tanks.  Gunner isn’t sure about the water yet, but I have a feeling he’ll learn to love it. 


***Dixie swimming***

***Gunner thinking about taking a swim***IMG_9761

***Gunner decided that swimming was overrated, but found a fresh pile of cow shit to roll around in***IMG_9775 

***Gunner after his bath***

After our ride and after Gunner’s bath, we all cleaned up and headed to Mary’s for my birthday dinner.  Thankfully, no one sang to me! 


Amy Harlien said...

I think Joey is a fab addition to your family! He seems to be fitting in nicely! Congrats! Happy Belated Bday, as well!

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday...sounds like a fun and busy celebration..despite the trailer pulling delay.

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