Meet Joey

This week, Jarrad and I got a Toy Hauler Travel Trailer.  We have been talking about it for a while and finally decided to get it.  We went to the RV show in February and have been talking to one of the salesmen since then. 

After a few weeks of making decisions (who knew there were so many decisions to be made when it comes to a travel trailer), we decided on a Heartland Cyclone.  It’s perfect for what Jarrad and I want it for.  His Mule will fit in the back, it has plenty of space for sleeping and it has a loft for Meg to keep all of her stuff (she calls it the Attic). 

I’m sure you’re wondering “who is Joey?”  Well, Meg decided that the travel trailer needed a name – enter JOEY.  So, thanks to Megan, the travel trailer will be referred to as Joey going forward.

We have already planned our first trip with Joey out to the ranch for Easter weekend.  Meme & Poppy are meeting us out there – I will post all about our adventures. 

***Jarrad pulling up***IMG_9728

***Meg was so excited when Jarrad pulled up***IMG_9729

***Jarrad pulling down the steps***IMG_9736

***opening the door***IMG_9737

***Meg couldn’t wait to get inside, I made her stop for a picture before she started running around like a headless chicken***IMG_9738


***I think she’s excited***IMG_9741

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