Happy 7th Birthday

Yes, it’s already come and gone.  Meg has turned 7.  Six was a great year.  Meg has really grown into something special.  She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen.  Her love and compassion is absolutely amazing.  Meg would do anything for anyone. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are days that being her mother isn’t so easy.  We fight and argue about the little things.  The mornings are the worse!  Every morning, we do the same thing; our routine doesn’t change up very often.  Every morning, we have the same conversations about getting up, brushing hair and teeth and getting shoes on.  However, if this is my biggest complaint, I think we’re doing ok. 

There are times when she gets sassy with me, but she’s quick to apologize.  Of course, this is usually after she’s stomped her feet or rolled her eyes.  I write these things, not because I want her to sound like a brat, but because I want to remember the good and the bad times. 



Six was full of great times.  Meg became a cousin again in September and November.  We welcomed Jackson (September) and Parker (November) into the family.  Meg was so excited to have two more cousins. 


We got to go to game five of the World Series.  It was an amazing opportunity and we had an amazing time. 


Nawnaw and I took Megan to her first Rodeo  She didn’t much care for calf roping, but I think she had fun otherwise. 



We had a few snow days


We survived first grade


I’m looking forward to seven.  Everyday Meg teaches me something.  Can’t wait to see what she will teach me this year!  Meg, you are my everything.  I see you. 

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