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Last week, Meg and I drove down to SA to see my family. Since we had so much fun, I'll post in parts...so, without any more delays, here is Part 1.

Meg and I got into San Antonio late on Wednesday night, so it was a very uneventful night. Thursday, I had to work, so Meg got to play with Poppy and Meme for most of the day. I think she had a great time. She got to swim, play outside, swing, and play office in my parent's study while poppy was reading a deposition.

Thursday night, we headed to El Jarro and met Taylor & Ruthie. Meg loves going to El Jarro because she gets to see her "my Paula". And of course, the trip to El Jarro wouldn't be complete without a trip to Party City right next door. She always comes back with horrible crap, but she loves going with "my Paula", so I don't complain too much.

This trip to Party City was very special because she bought mini tiaras and we all had to wear them at the table. Of course, none of us objected.

Taylor & Ruthie

Meme & Poppy
Megan, Mommy, Meme
Ruthie & Allison

I will post more about our trip to SA tomorrow.

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McMommy said...

Allison, that was the first picture I've seen of you!!! And in a mini-tiara, no less!! LOVE IT!!!!

Can't wait to catch up and read all about the rest of your trip. McDaddy has always said he wants to take me to San Antonio....so now I'll get a sneak peek from you!

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