Poor Ace!!!

I interrupt the play back of my visit to SA with this late breaking news...

Back in October 2007, I posted this. It seems to run in the family.

Every night, Ace and I have a ritual that as soon as I climb into bed, he gets in with me for a quick snuggle and some 1-on-1 petting time. As I was petting him, I noticed that his ear was swollen and running a fever. The fever isn't out of the ordinary because he suffers from chronic ear infections, but it's never swelled up like this before. I pointed it out to Jarrad and he said that the swelling would probably go down.

Well, it didn't...not on it's own anyway. I took Ace to the vet first thing this morning and he had to have surgery for hemotoma of the ear. This is a collection of blood under the skin of the ear flap of a dog. It was most likely caused by vigorous head shaking...the vigorous head shaking is a direct result of his chronic ear infections. He's always shaking his head or scratching his ears. It's horrible.

I was able to pick him up a little while ago, so he's home resting.

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