Carving Pumpkins...

Meg and I decided to wait until Meme & Poppy got into town before we carved pumpkins this year. So, on Thursday we bought our pumpkins from Walmart. I am really sad that we weren't able to make it to a pumpkin patch this year, but the month got away from us!!!

After dinner out, we got home and started carving away. Before we made any carves into the pumpkin, I forced Megan to stand next to the pumpkins and pose for my make shift pumpkin patch pictures.

Once we got started, all was quiet because everyone was focused on the task at hand. I was telling Meme that I didn't remember carving pumpkins growing up...good reason to, turns out that Meme used to carve the pumpkins while me and my brothers were in school. After carving pumpkins for the first time (yes, it was my first time doing everything from start to finish) I can totally understand why Meme did this while her children weren't home.

Don't let this picture fool you, Jarrad only helped Meg trace her stencil that we got for "easy" pumpkin carving. The other two hours that we were doing this, Jarrad and Poppy were out on the back porch, having a scotch and cigar.

Here are all the girls that worked for 2 hours with their pumpkins. Didn't they turn out awesome? We were so proud.

Meme carves an awesome pumpkin. From left to right, pumpkins by:
***Meme, Meg, Mommy***
***My precious pumpkin***

I will post about trick or treating tomorrow :) We had a great time.

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Chelle said...

Okay, your family has the best looking pumpkins that I have ever seen!

Love the obligatory pumpkin "patch" pic :)

Darla said...

ok I need to come over for some classes on how to make your pumpkins look like that. That is the way I want them to look but once I start cutting they look very bad. Please help!!

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