We love Meme & Poppy

Meme & Poppy came in for a long weekend last weekend. Meg always loves their visits. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon and stayed thru Sunday.

Every time meme and poppy come to visit, Poppy has a list of places we "must" eat at. Our meal schedule looked something like this...
Wednesday dinner - Mexican Inn (on the list)
Thursday lunch - Chicken Express (on the list)
Thursday dinner - Outback Steak House (on the list)
Friday lunch - left over Chicken Express
Friday dinner - we picked up Mama's Pizza (on the list)
Saturday breakfast - Braums (on the list)
Saturday lunch - we skipped (anyone who knows Poppy is probably calling me a liar, but seriously - the man did NOT eat anything for lunch)
Saturday dinner - Buffalo Wild Wings (not on the list, but could possibly become a new favorite)

We had so much fun with them and hated to see them go on Sunday. Below are a few pictures from Thursday night at Outback.

***Poppy, Meg, Meme***
They are making fun of Poppy - any time you say "smile" to poppy while holding a camera, he automatically raises his eye brows. I noticed Meg did it a few times at dinner, so I asked them all to do the "Poppy Face"
***aaaawwwww, so sweet***

***smile for the camera***

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The White House said...

I love eating out. That plus having the grandparents sounds like an awesome week!

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