I know it's only November...

Meg and I have been setting up for Christmas since Sunday. I know, I know - it's early...but, we'll be gone for a three weeks (possibly four) between now and Christmas. So, I put it up early this year so I could enjoy it. Of course, it's not too early for me, I usually set it up two weekends before Thanksgiving anyway. This year I just got a jump start on it. Maybe I was excited about putting it up because I got a new tree this year - it's so beautiful!!! And, yes, I've already wrapped up a few gifts and put them under the tree. I'm really on top of my game this season.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I gave myself a bloggy make over. What do you think?


1 comment:

Chelle said...

I love it!

I love Christmas and it's never too early in my book ;)

Love your house! It's so pretty!

And the new layout?!

It's beautiful!

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