Trick or Treat...

trick or treat
smell my feet
give me something good to eat
if you don't, i don't care
i'll pull down your underwear
(thanks to the older kids in the neighborhood, we sang this song all weekend)
Meg was having one of her "moments" before trick or treating time. Earlier in the evening, she was playing with her friends and took her shoes off. On her way back to the house, she stepped on a rock and it bruised her foot. Since she hadn't had a nap, she was a complete brat about it. I gave her an ice pack and she laid on the couch for a little while.
We were so happy that Meme and Poppy were in town. Boompaw and Nawnaw also joined us for the evening. We ordered in pizza, threw together a salad, and cracked open a bottle of wine :)
***my sweet Dorothy***

We left to go trick or treating around 7:00. Up until the point that we walked out the door and joined her friends, she was complaining, complaining, complaining about her foot hurting. Of course, once she saw her friends her foot was completely forgotten about - it's a miracle I know! So, we left the house for good ol' trick or treating. Meg had a blast. We walked thru the entire neighborhood (about 5 miles) and hit every house that had a light on. I was shocked that Meg lasted as long as she did. She finally gave in around 9 and we headed back to the house. We only missed about 5 houses.

***Meg's first house (our house)***

***walking with her friends***


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Chelle said...

I'm glad her foot felt better to go trick or treating! :)

PS--Did she end up liking the hello kitty trick or treat bag?

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