I was so excited

Today, when I went to check the mail, I was excited to see a bigger than average envelope in the mail box. What could be inside? Who sent this wonderful surprise? That's when I noticed it was from the USPS. All the excitement went straight out the window.

My next thought was did I order stamps online? (Answer no). Did I get another invitation returned for a baby shower that has already come and gone? (Answer no). What could it be? So, I rushed into the house to open up this mystery envelope that arrived in the mail. The first thing I pulled out was this. As I held it in my hand, I was thinking...what is this? Curious, I kept digging...

Ahhh, a sweet note from my mailman. What could the USPS have to say to me? Well, I found out! It seams that one of their "automated equipment" machine damaged my mail. Its comforting to know that USPS "knows how important my mail is to me and can certainly understand my disappointment."

After reading the letter, I poured out the rest of the envelope's contents. It's a wedding invitation...what's left of it anyway. The small unidentifiable piece of card stock was apparently the corner of the folded invitation. Seems the "automated equipment" tried to eat the invitation.

Most of the important information was still readable, but I did piece it back together so I could get the intended look of the invitation. After all, the invitation sets the precedence for the wedding style and expectations.
Of course, I'm not sure how the bride is going to feel when I send the response card with a huge "bite" out of the corner. Maybe I can send the not from the USPS along with it as an explanation? Maybe I should just tell her that the dog ate it? Maybe, I should call her with a verbal response?

Thank you USPS for understanding how disappointed I am in your service!

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The White House said...

That is crazy! I didn't know they cared so much. "When you care enough to send the very best..."

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