My b-day, what a perfect day!

My birthday was amazing. I worked a half day, then took the other half off to run a few errands and get a pedicure. My pedicure was AMAZING. It was super relaxing and my toes look great now. After my pedi, I had to go get my driver's license renewed. Not exactly what I would call "fun", but since I had put it off for over six weeks, I had to get it done.

After all my errands, mom and dad arrived into town. We left the house to go pick up Meg from day care, then headed to dinner to celebrate. We had such a good time. We went out to dinner at Pappadeaux. Good food and great company is always a winning combination.

We started the meal off with two dozen Texas Gulf Oysters. They were so delicious. Then, we had the Greek salad, which has to be my absolute favorite salad ever. For the main course, I had crab cakes and crawfish bisque. It was so yummy. And, since it was my birthday, we all ordered some desserts. I had key lime pie - which was AWESOME.

***Meg & Poppy***

***Jarrad & Me***

***Poppy & Meme***

***Meg & Poppy***

***The b-day girl***

At one point, I had to get onto Megan because she wouldn't stay in her chair. This prompted her to turn her chair around and sit with her back to the table. I couldn't help but laugh and snap a picture.

***Me, Meg & Jarrad***

What a GREAT way to celebrate!

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Chelle said...

Your birthday day sounds amazing! I haven't had Pappadeux forever...it sounds so good right now!

Great pics, too--what a gorgeous family!

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