I'm not sure how much more we can handle in this house!!! As you know, this winter has been rough for Megan. We've been to the doctor almost weekly since the last week of January. I'm not sure why I thought this week would be any different.

Let me rewind a little. About 12 days ago, Meg and I were at Urgent Care for what I thought was an eye infection. Last Friday, Meg was feeling under the weather and had developed a HORRIBLE cough.

I have had enough of Urgent Care, so decide to call Meg's pediatrician on Saturday morning. They were able to see her as soon as we could get there (it's a 45-minute drive). So, loaded Meg into the car and off we went. The doc and nurse practitioner were making the rounds that morning and we saw the NP. She took a look in Meg's throat and listened to her chest, etc, etc. Since Meg was already on antibiotics, she decided not to treat her for anything.

Saturday night was absolute hell. Meg was in and out of sleep from the time she fell asleep (around 9:15) until 4:30am. Every time she would cough, she would cry and so it went for the entire night. I didn't know what to do for her. There wasn't anything I could do. She would ask for water and by the time I'd get it for her, she'd be back asleep.

I decided to keep Meg home from school on Monday to let her have another day of rest. Monday night, she woke me up around 12:30 coughing and crying. It wasn't good. I decided enough was enough and called her doctor's office. Her pediatrician wasn't in on Tuesday, but we were able to see him this morning. Diagnosis....

Does this look like a child with pneumonia?


Chelle said...

Poor Meg! I can't believe it, what a rough winter for you all :(

I pray that she will be feeling better soon--and that she stays better!

The Donaho's said...

OMG....I would have sworn that the child I saw on Saturday night was NOT sick.Poor thing! It was great running into yall. Take care & get better soon, Meg!

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