Happy Halloween

Meg was so excited about Halloween this year. The first thing she asked me when we got up on Saturday morning was - "is today Halloween?" When I would tell her yes, she would scream "YEAH".

She could hardly wait to get her make up done and her costume on. After I had already started Meg's make up, I handed Jarrad the camera. He snapped a few pictures of Megan being turned into a vampire.

***a work in progress***
***starting the eyes***

***so scary***

***I let her put her lipstick on by herself**

***I love her hands in this picture. I can't imagine what she's telling me***

***a few touch ups***

***Megan all made up***

The Sandlins came over to go trick or treating with us in the neighborhood. Brylie was a witch and Lawson was the Big Bad Wolf. We had some pizza before we headed out. Jarrad, Matt & Chappy stayed home to hand out candy to the trick or treaters, while Darla & I headed out with the kids to fill up their trick or treat sacks.
***Meg & Brylie***

***The witch & the vampire***

***the first house of the night***

***i love this guy***


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