Last night, there was a "Math & Literacy night" at Megan's school. I wasn't really sure what it was, but we all went up there anyway.

While we were walking into the school, Meg was carrying her purse. I mentioned to her that I wasn't going to carry her purse for her if she got tired of carrying it. She decided she should put it back in her car.

As she was running back to my car, she got tripped up and went heels over head (yes, she did an endo). I went running when it happened because she had a lollipop in her mouth and I was horrified that she had hit face on the ground. As I was running, she turned around with huge tears in her eyes and she was screaming and crying (the lollipop fell out of her mouth). As my eyes scanned over her body, I couldn't help be to notice her bloody knees. She hit hard!

Thankfully, Meg had band aids in her purse (a little ironic, I know). Daddy grabbed me two band aid out of her purse, and we walked into the school to go to the bathroom to wipe them off a little before putting on the band aids. Before we went inside, I had to pull my camera out to snap a picture.

***scraped up knees***After we finally got her calmed down, we went into the cafeteria for cookies and nachos. At first, Meg wanted neither...she was still a little upset about falling in the parking lot. As more and more people started filling up the cafeteria, she started coming back to life.
She saw one of her classmates and slowly limped her way over to sit with Carson for a few minutes. I grabbed Jarrad and I a drink and nachos to share. And, of course, I got Meg a cookie. Nothing fixes boo-boos like a chocolate chip cookie.
When Meg finally came back over to the table, she was doing much better, but still limping and still a little sad. When I presented her with a cookie, she temporarily forgot all about her knees hurting.
Jarrad and Meg were sitting across the table from me and started telling secrets. Jarrad was telling Meg how clumsy I am and that when I was younger I used to trip over "nothing". I would just fall down for no reason. This is a very true statement and I'm glad it made Meg smile.
***Meg giggling at me after daddy revealed the "big secret"***

***daddy telling more secrets***

After we left the cafeteria, we headed down to Meg's classroom for the "Math & Lit night". There were two kindergarten rooms open (one for math and one for lit). We went into Meg's classroom for the Math portion and next door for the Lit portion.
We learned a lot of little things we can work on with Megan at the house and were given lots of hand outs to take home with us. Meg's excited about all the new "games" we can play.
***Meg looking up at her daddy***

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Chelle said...

Her poor little knees! They look so sore!

And that last picture? Adorable!

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