Gaylord Ice!

Every year, the Gaylor Texan in Grapevine, hosts ICE!  This year, the theme from Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  ICE! is created by master carvers working 12-hour days for a month inside the 9-degree freezer.  Two millions pounds of ice are sculpted into a breathtaking wonderland. 

The ice for ICE! is created using a special "recipe" (yes, this ice has a recipe!), and it arrives in approximately 36 truckloads over a 3-week period... 2 trucks a day for 15 days, which is about as fast as the ice factory can produce it. Large blocks of ice are delivered on pallets via refrigerated tractor-trailers, then moved into place by forklift.

This was our first year to go, and I was completely amazed by the ICE! experience. 

The Gaylord decorates the entire hotel.  It's amazing all the effort that has been put into the decor around the hotel.  There are trains and trees and villages throughout the entire hotel. 

***decorations around the hotel***

***Meg & Nawnaw***

***Meg and Mommy***

As we wound thru the hotel, there were signs and snowflakes that led us to ICE!  Meg loved finding the next snowflake and would tell us which way to go. 

After we finally found ICE!, we put our parkas on and headed into the 9-degree freezer.  Meg was excited about getting in.  Getting her to stoop for pictures was tough. 

We had a great time at ICE!  and can't wait to go back next year.

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